13 Style Trends Spotted at This Year's Music Festivals, As Told By Lollapalooza Goers

Lollapalooza is one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Located in the heart of Chicago, Lolla welcomes everyone from everywhere — literally all across the globe. The music festival has become a four-day event ever since its 25th anniversary in 2016. It's not just all about the music, fashion and style play such big roles during these four days. I mean, I'd be lying if I said I didn't pack, like, 10 outfits.

Music festival peeps always pull up in individually unique ensembles. You might see the multiple goers in the same pieces, but you best believe you'll see so many different ways of styling them. The planning that goes into the looks is no joke. It could take hours, days, and even months. Trust me: last-minute changes will even happen because the fashion game is THAT serious at music festivals. 

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TBH, I think I spent half the time admiring everyone's outfits. Lolla goers do not come to play, they come to slay. Styles vary from comfy to extra, but everyone knows how to work popular trends and give them their own twist. So, you can't blame me for obsessing over everyone's looks! If you weren't able to join the fun this year, I'll give you a glimpse of the looks I came across all throughout the days. You'll in love with the styling creativity!

  1. 1. Sheer material

    See-through pieces have always been a favorite at festivals. The sheer material helps the clothes be more breathable. This year, I've seen such a variety — dresses, pants, and shirts. Keepin' it cool but still cute!

  2. 2. Floral pattern

    Personally, I avoid floral patterns, but I can't get over how cute these black and white floral dresses are! A belt can add definition to the dress. I mean, it will still be a standout without a belt! These cuties were for sure having the time of their lives as they twirled in their dresses to Kacey Musgraves.

  3. 3. Fringe detail

    Shake it like a Polaroid! Okay, how fun is it to spin around and shake that thang when you've got fringes? Band t-shirt and fringe skirt? Yes! Leather crop top and fringe shorts? Yes! And, fringe two-piece sets with your BFF? Loves it! 

  4. 4. Animal print

    Lolla is a jungle full of party animals! It's only appropriate to wear some animal print. I saw so many different types of patterns — and I was living for them! Ladies strutted in midi skirts and dresses. Others, who just wanted a subtle flare like me, opted out for crop tops. 

  5. 5. Pastel shades

    When you think of pastel colors, soft and delicate might come to mind. Check out how these girls added made light colors edgy! Baby pink and baby blue high-waisted pants and tube tops were paired with bulky shoes. A sheer dress in lavender had camo print all over. A plain lilac crop top was upgraded with a sequined mini skirt.

  6. 6. Chain links

    Chain belts. Chain laces. Body chain. Chains are here to stay for a while, ya heard? My favorite crop top by far has a front-tie design with a chain. How rad is that? A gal could never have enough chains, so a chain belt bag is a perfect accessory. For one of my outfits, I wore a tiered body chain under my bralette. It was such a look!

  7. 7. Cargos

    The utility trend has been so in the last two years. Regardless of how hot is it, cargo pants are a must-have for music festivals. Give me every color and style, please! Since they tend to be loose and roomy, these babies go perfectly with tighter tops and a pair of white sneaks.

  8. 8. Biker shorts

    Hello, biker shorts are the move right now! They can be worn as a set or match them with a cropped windbreaker or shirt. These shorts are so comfy! These Lolla ladies made loungewear the new festival clothing essential.  

  9. 9. Camouflage print

    I'll take camo in every color, please! It's one of those versatile patterns. You could never go wrong with camo. Camo cargo pants? Wear them with a neon cutout crop top. Camo shorts? Put on a black bralette and thrown one some sunnies. Such a concept, right?

  10. 10. Monochrome

    Some might say that wearing an all-white outfit is dangerous, but fashion risk-takers would disagree. Wearing white, in general, makes you look so fresh. Girls wore bikini tops with spandex shorts and threw on an extra layer or a chunky pair of shoes. Meanwhile, others wore two-piece sets. I mean, look at this cute fringey set!

  11. 11. Oversized shirts

    While some are all about being extra, some of us prefer a little bit more comfort. Oversized shirts are the best! Want to revamp the comfy look? Use an industrial belt to give it some definition or accessorize with a bright fanny pack.

  12. 12. Denim shorts

    Need I say more? Denim shorts, especially high-waisted pairs, are summer staples. They go with absolutely anything and everything. A front-tie crop top with bell sleeves? Yes! A crochet halter top? Yes! A basic, plain top? Yes! 

  13. 13. Neon

    I'd say wearing neon would be your best bet to be easily identifiable in huge crowds when you lose your pals. Neon is such a popular trend right now, so maybe not. Like, highlighter colors are so cool! Lolla goers wore neon in different forms - two-piece sets, rompers, and even tutu skirts. TBH, who thought neon orange would be so in right now? Definitely here for that!

Lollapalooza might have departed Chicago until next year, but I'm still not over the unmatched energy everyone put into creating unique looks. Festival fashion will always be my favorite. BRB, let me just continue admiring everyone's outfits again!