What's In & What's Out For Festival Fashion This Year

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Festival season will be here before you know it and that calls for a major outfit revamp! Even though it’s all about the music and fun, no one wants to wear dated trends. Likewise, new ideas keep I've been a big fan of bold prints and am happy to see it becoming a festival trend. 

As for statements like cargo pants, it may be time for them to have a fresh update. The key here is that old trends do not need to leave your closet, but there may be ways for you to incorporate new trends or restyle those well-loved pieces. Luckily, a curated list is available for you to see the festival trends that may or may not already be in your closet. 

  1. 1. Holographic 

    2020 may not have the hoverboards and time travel features that people expected, but one thing it can offer is the art of holographic fashion. The glossiness of this fabric gives it such a sleek appearance. With the growing use of it in skirts and pants, there are so many options for how it can be worn. If that isn’t enough, Tommy Hilfiger featured holographic pieces in his 2020 NYFW collection so it is definitely a high fashion statement. 

    Get the look:

    Space Walker Holographic Romper, Dolls Kill, $25; shop now

    Holographic Festival Harness Belt, ASOS, $24; shop now

    Cobie Green Holographic Rain Mac, PrettyLittleThing, $40; shop now

  2. 2. Split Side Pants 

    It seems like these pants have been around forever. Breaking news: they have. Do the pants look comfortable? Absolutely. Are they still relevant? Not so much. Festival fashion is a chance to step up your fashion game and leave your comfort zone. 

  3. 3. Upcycled Denim 

    There is something so cool about denim that's given a unique spin. With so many people buying from the same retailers, painted graphics or added fringe can take the look from trend follower to trendsetter. Many of these ‘upcycled’ pieces can even be purchased from other retailers who have mastered the craft. Platforms like Depop offer access to sellers who specialize in customized denim. 

    Shop Etsy or Depop for upcycled denim looks.

  4. 4. Cargo Pants 

    This is another piece that has shown up at many festivals but seems to be overdone. While these pants have been apart of the go-to outfit complete with chunky combat boots and a cropped top, there may be room for them to be taken up a notch. One of the really amazing ways that these have been styled lately is in the form of denim jeans instead of traditional cargo fabric. It could also be fun to try traditional cargo pants that have sheer or mesh inserts to give them a refreshing edge. 

  5. 5. Sheer 

    Sheer clothing is sheer perfection for festival fashion. Not only is it breathable but it looks incredibly fashionable. One of the ways that this trend is also worn is through a mesh or sheer insert in solid garments so if fully sheer garments seem too intimidating, consider that option! As the sheer pieces can be worn as pants, tops, or dresses, they are even more versatile. If you are unsure of how to spice up your festival look, give this trend a try! 

    Houndstooth Tulle Turtleneck Bodysuit, Revolve, $88; shop now

    Wide leg pants in mesh with embellishment, ASOS, $64; shop now

    Staring at The Sun Maxi Sequin Slip by Intimately, Free People, $70; shop now

  6. 6. Angels and Clouds 

    This trend came about during the peak of “Instagram Baddie” fashion, but now it just seems overdone. There is nothing wrong with the print or the overall innocent and playful aesthetic of it, but this print has become so mainstream that it has lost value as a fashion statement. 

  7. 7. Funky Prints

    After celebrities used cow print at last year’s Coachella, prints seem to be the next iconic trend. There are so many different designs within this category so the options are fairly limited. My recommendation for those who try this trend is to go out of your comfort zone. Swap basic stripes and polka dots for bold patterns that will force people to look your way! 

    Two Tone Slant Pocket Plaid Pants, Shein, $16; shop now

    Contrast stitch t-shirt jumpsuit in cow animal print, ASOS, $64; shop now

    MYSTIC Cow Print Leather Square Toe Boots, Topshop, $135; shop now

The major takeaway from this list is that trends both old and new can make bold statements. Trends like upcycling are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend so much money on a new look and others like prints are a great way to break out of your shell and express yourself. The best part of festival fashion is that it is all about expressing individuality and creativity so be you no matter what trends you choose! 

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