Missguided Just Introduced Realistic, Body-Positive Mannequins with Stretch Marks

It’s 2018, so can we all agree that it's time to stop promoting the idea that models are the ideal standard for beauty AND that models themselves are flawless? Everyone has imperfections, because, hey, we’re all human! And finally a brand recognized that. Missguided broke stores in the UK when they first released an unretouched campaign, which featured real models with real stretch marks (because...wouldn't you know it, models are real people). They have now taken a bold move to create mannequins that also feature stretch marks, vitiligo, and a diversity of ethnic backgrounds to be displayed in their UK stores.

After the immensely positive response to Missguided's unretouched campaign, we're suspecting that the mannequins will generate even more support for the company's decision to embrace real beauty. The mannequins are in addition to Missguided’s #MakeYourMark campaign that launched in December 2017, and the main goals of this are to encourage people to see beauty in their flaws and accept "unconventional” traits as something to be celebrated. This is a huge step forward for the fashion world, and we can only hope positive response to this new in-store presence will encourage other retailers to follow in their steps. Personally, we are hoping to see changes like these in US stores too!

Living in a society with airbrushing over photos and advertisements, as well as the constant barrage of Instagram falseness, it's all too easy to form a toxic and negative self-image. But Missguided’s acceptance of “flaws” is a leap towards acceptance of who we really are, stretch marks and all.