Millie Bobby Brown Wore the Infamous Clear Knee Mom Jeans

Just this past week, Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to share a photo of herself posing with Maddie Ziegler. This was a normal and totally adorable picture, if not for the sighting of Topshop's infamous meme-inducing creation: the clear knee mom jeans.


Hey girlie, missed ya

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The internet literally could not handle it, with commenters fighting over whether or not these jeans were a good idea. Some brave souls reminded dissenters that Millie is 13 YEARS OLD and does not need to be cyberbullied for her fashion choices.

Although boyfriend and mom jeans have been all the rage recently, Topshop took it to a whole new level when they first featured this pair on their website. With two transparent plastic rectangles sewn into the denim, these pants could only be described as well, pretty lame. I mean sure, if you're looking to show off that awkward area by your shins then this must be the perfect pair of jeans for you, but other than that, the Internet had pretty much given these $95 pants a hard pass. However, like with any trend, there's always someone who's 100 percent here for it—looks like this time it's Millie. Should you find yourself joining Millie behind this trend, shop below!

Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans ($95)