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Within the last month, Mermaid/Siren core has been popping up all over social media, making it the latest aesthetic trend everyone is obsessed with. And with Disney’s newest “Little Mermaid” live-action movie set to hit theatres on May 26, I predict that this trend will be here for a while. Β 

Drawing inspiration from the ocean herself, the mermaid core aesthetic is categorized by aqua blue hues, shells, flowy ruffles, satin, and beach accessories. Imagine a mermaid transforming into a human with today’s modern Y2k and vintage-inspired fashion trends–obsessed? Yeah, me too. With Gen Z growing up in the age of shows like H2O and movies such as Aquamarine, it’s hard not to feel such nostalgia for this trend.

If you are like me and want to try this ethereal aesthetic for yourself, here are a few products to get your collection started as well as things you can do to embody the vibes of a mermaid!

1. The Memor Phone case

This phone case just reminds me of a mermaid’s treasure collection! Such a beautiful and elegant way to take part in this trend. She is quite pricey but also very easily DIY-able. Just grab an old phone case, your favorite trinkets, and some airdry clay!

2. Mermaid Nails

Any sort of chrome, sparkly pearl, or shiny manicure will do well to emulate ocean vibes and play into that siren core aesthetic.

3. Seashell perfume

A perfume balm enclosed in a seashell case-could anything be more perfect? Tell me you would not feel just like a mermaid with that on your nightstand.

4. Seachell coin purse

In a similar fashion, seashell coin purses, I just know Ariel had one of these in her purse.


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♬ If You Dance I’ll Dance – D’ RORI

5. Shell Necklaces

No, we are not done with the seashells yet. I present seashell necklaces! There are so many shell jewelry items at thrift stores and on Etsy but if none strikes your fancy, go shell hunting to make your own! If you feel the shells are a little overdone, starfish or pendant necklaces would be great ways to take part in this trend as well.

6. Take care of the ocean and thrift!

No better way to participate in a trend than in an eco-friendly fashion. Head to your local thrift or take to your sewing machine to find/make clothes that match this aesthetic. Here are some ideas for your next trip:

  1. Crochet- a very beachy and easy way to emulate this vibe!
  2. Long flowy skirts- like the waves on the beach<3
  3. Blue watercolor prints- to represent the ocean herself
  4. Ruffles- of any kind on anything
  5. Sequin, shiny dresses- think Ariel coming out of the ocean
Noelle is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying advertising and marketing. She loves all things pop-culture-related, exploring the city, trying new coffee shops, reading, and taking pictures for her Instagram @enchanted.elle where she shares styling videos and more.