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Menswear For Women…Have We Gone Too Far?

The celebrity strolled into the Gotham Independent Film Awards wearing a black suit jacket and matching pants over a crisp white button down and black silk tie. No, I’m not talking about James Franco or Ellen DeGeneres…I’m describing the outfit of famed Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester.

As someone who understands the beauty in a boyfriend blazer (one proudly hangs in my closet) and understated sexiness of a tuxedo jacket, I’ve always been a fan of masculine-inspired looks for women. But recently, it seems as if we’ve dropped the “inspired” look out of the equation all together and causes me to question…have we taken the menswear look too far?

I must admit, part of me admires Meester’s willingness to push the fashion envelope, but a larger part believes we should celebrate the curvy edge we possess over men- not try to copy their masculinity in slightly tailored replicates. But, I want your opinion…is Meester’s look edgy and fashion-forward or just plain brawny? Please comment below!

Nikki Fig is a Broadcast Journalism major at Emerson College. She writes, produces and reports for shows on several Emerson television stations and is a web writer for Emerson's lifestyle publication, Em Mag. She is also the Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi and recently returned from a study abroad program in Israel. Nikki is graduating in May and plans to move back to New York City. She wants to pursue a career in journalism that will enable her to combine her love of fashion, travel and culture.  
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