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Me, Myself and ‘My Closet’: Stylish Summer Survival

The closest I have ever come to being in a frat house is the house I am living in this summer. Think six girls, two guys, a gaggle of immortal fruit flies, and a refrigerator that refuses to stay closed, and you have imagined my living and breathing frat house. At the center of it all is my so-called “bed room,” a two and a half walled space that overlooks our living room. Needless to say, I do not have much of a closet, transforming my sartorial choices into my summer staples.

Minimalism, also known as outfit repeating, has been this summer’s underlying theme; however, with the right choices, a bit of thought and creativity, I’ve managed to get by without being too much of a repeat offender.  
Ecote Military Jacket, Urban Outfitters


Underrated MVP (most valuable piece) of the summer goes to my Ecote Military Surplus Jacket. A pre-summer snag that has been my most worn and adored summer staple, I have literally worn this jacket everywhere in every way, with the exception being as pants, because that just wouldn’t work. Wear it to work on brisk summer mornings, keep it on during the day in your over-air-conditioned office, or over your little black dress to keep you warm in the evening summer breeze, the military style and army green is an immortal trend. Best of all: the four pocketed front also eliminates the need for a purse (pockets, where have you been all my life?!).

Great Alternative: Eddie Bauer Jaspe Military Jacket

Calvin Klein Jean Shorts
The most cliché summer trend also happens to be the most practical summer trend over and over again. There is nothing like cutting up a pair of your jeans and turning them into a magical pair of jorts (jean shorts), or in my case, cutting up a pair of your dad’s jeans. Finally having outgrown the Brooke Shield’s effect, I was the heir to my father’s CK jeans that he wore when he was going through his man-orexic law school stage.  In order to maximize their versatility, I cut them to my mid thigh. These shorts have the ability to hang low for a bohemian hippy feel, be rolled over and sit a bit higher, or be pulled up and strapped in serving as high-waisted shorts.

Great alternative if you’re not feeling the DIY option: Urban Renewal Cuffed Levi’s Denim Short
Warby Parker Glasses

In my old age, I have finally hopped on the reading glasses bandwagon. I will gladly admit that this is the opposite of devastating news for me, as I have wanted an excuse to wear cool hipster glasses for ages. But why have I put this down as one of my summer staples? Well, at $95.00, my Winston Lunar Fade glasses were definitely a steal and add a nice sexy librarian chic vibe to any look. My friends not only take me more seriously (but seriously), but I also can completely transform an outfit with the simple addition of glasses.
Madewell Le Minor Dip Dyed Tee

First it was my hair, then it was my nails, and now it’s my clothing. Making it onto this list is my most recent purchase, the Le Minor Dip-Dyed Tee, an updated version of Le Minor’s traditional French sailor tee. The striped crew neck three-quarter length tee fades from aqua to purple. Although a bit of an out-there piece, the versatility in this shirt lies in the shirt tuck. With a pair of high waisted shorts, this shirt is a completely different animal than when worn in it’s full ombred glory. Now all I have to do is color coordinate my hair a la Lauren Conrad.


Navy Blue Maxi Dress
My Aqua Navy blue Maxi Dress has saved me from many repeat offenses, as can most maxi dresses on the block. If I had to wear one article of clothing everyday for the rest of my life and not look like a complete homeless person, this would be my top choice. With adjustable straps that criss and cross, the option of throwing a shirt over it transforming it into a maxi skirt, or sprucing it up with a pair of heels for a more formal event, this breezy flowy cotton thang is my bff right now.
Great alternatives: Free People Hinted Florals Maxi Dress,  T by Alexander Wang Classic Long Tank Dress

Red Hair Bow, H&M
Last but not least, my H&M oversized red chiffon hair bow has joined the elite club of my most prized possessions. Use it as a red accent under a ponytail, the main attraction on top of your pony, to pull back your hair for a half up half down look…as long as it stays on the head, you and your red bow can do no wrong. And don’t listen to what the color control gods say, red looks great on blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike.



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