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4 Essential Product Types for a Low Maintenance Hair Routine

The Her Campus National Editors write about products we love and think you’ll love too. Her Campus has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. All products are in stock and all prices are accurate as of publication.

Finding your perfect hair care routine can be tough. All hair is different, from straight locks to kinky curls, so it’s impossible to find universal products that work for everyone. To save you some time, I’ve compiled a list of the best hair care products all students should have around, no matter your hair type, to ensure you cover all the basics for a low maintenance routine. Here’s what I found! 

1. Leave-In Conditioner 



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If you haven’t added a leave-in conditioner to your routine, now’s your chance. You wouldn’t leave the house without moisturizing your face, so why would you put your hair through that? A leave-in conditioner will help keep your ends fresh and healthy while leaving your strands looking shiny and new.

I have thick, wavy hair that gets greasy if I even think about touching it, and I still use my Blueberry Bliss ($12) leave-in conditioner from Curls because it completely dries without leaving any oily residue. For thin, straight hair, I recommend the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($13) sprayed mainly on the ends while avoiding the scalp at all costs. Both of these products smell incredible and are completely color-safe, so do yourself a favor and get your hands on a leave-in conditioner ASAP.


2. A Mending Oil



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If you’re looking to defrizz your hair and keep it looking weightless and carefree, try a dry repairing oil. Dry oils keep your hair from looking greasy, and they’re key to softening and smoothing out your untamed tresses. The Verb Ghost Oil ($16) is a great, inexpensive product for all hair types, and it guarantees to restore life back into dry, dull hair. If your hair gets oily like mine, though, I would recommend keeping it away from your roots despite the oil’s direction. I like to do this because sometimes it’s just better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious product and are willing to spend a bit more money, I also love the Moroccan Oil Mending Infusion ($32) because it just smells delish, and I love how soft it makes my hair feel after a blow-dry. I’ve had mine for a little over a year and I feel like I’ve barely made a dent in it. It’s definitely been worth the money! 


3. Hair Masks



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Everyone needs a good hair mask! Whether your hair is thick and bunched with curls or light and thin, a weekly mask will keep your hair feeling healthy, smooth, and carefree. Shea Moisture’s Coconut and Cactus Water Mask ($4) is a great product for all hair types because it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Bonus: It’s sulfate and paraben-free! 

If you’re looking for a mask that will help keep your straight hair frizz-free and healthy, It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask  ($13) is always a safe and trusted bet, This line has incredible products for all hair types, and it works wonders on softening coarse, dry hair. For thick, curly, hair, I will personally always recommend the DevaCurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask ($36), because it smells as yummy as it sounds, and it kept my curls weightless and shiny. All of these products are 100% color-safe, which is always a must, and nothing feels better than silky hair.


4. A Wet Brush 



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The Wet Brush is a universal tool for every hair type. I am so obsessed with mine because it gently detangles without any breakage. You can use it while your hair is wet, and it leaves you feeling super healthy and smooth. The flexible design is gentle on even the tightest of curls, and they come in dozens of different shapes and styles. You can find a wet brush for every hair type and concern under the sun, but they all feel as though they were personally created for you. How special, right?  Definitely worth a look the next time you’re in a Target hole for hours and hours on end… not like that ever happens. 

Taking care of your hair should always be a priority, and these products make getting the job done a breeze. For me, nothing feels better than healthy hair, so do yourself a favor and pick up your next personal fave. 

Makenzie is a current Senior at Emmanuel College studying Communications + Media Cultural Studies and Performing Arts. (Try saying that three times fast...) She's been a part of her school's Her Campus chapter since it's very first semester, and has been chapter advising for 2 years. Makenzie is also a National Writer for HC's beauty section, Campus Trendsetter, and former HC Community Development Intern. Makenzie is incredibly excited to be finishing up her last semester as Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Emmanuel. Interested in joining yourself? Hit her up anytime!