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In Love with Love? Check Out These New Romance-Inspired Fragrances

Looking for something to spice up your Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single or taken, a romantic and feminine scent is the perfect thing to set the mood for love. Look no further than the brand new LOVE2LOVE fragrance line, which boasts “a spectrum of colors that expresses a woman’s joy and sheer happiness.”

The collection includes four distinct scents, each meant to combine two dominant notes into a single harmonious fragrance: Fresh Rose + Peach, Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa, Freesia + Violet Petals, and Orange Blossom + White Musk. Each scent comes in either an eau de toilette (3.4 fl. oz. or 100ml) or a body mist (8 fl. oz. or 240ml). The perfumes come in a glass bottle while the mists come in a plastic bottle, and the contents are either light pink, green, purple or orange, depending on the scent.

We were able to sample the Orange Blossom + White Musk perfume and body mist and we loved the way the fresh citrus and subtle musk scents helped to balance out the sweetness of the orange. There was definitely a floral note to this fragrance, but citrus was the more dominant scent. According to fragrance database, Fragantica, this particular perfume has notes of bergamot, orange, peony, sandalwood and white musk. The scent lasted about 4-5 hours and mellowed out to a more subtly sweet scent during the day. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable citrus-based fragrance that isn’t too sweet, this one might be for you!


The Love2Love fragrance collection is exclusive to Walmart stores and walmart.com. The eau de toilette retails for $9.98 and the body mist retails for $6.98.

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