Louboutin is Redefining the Color Nude

For too long, “nude” has been synonymous with “beige.” From crayons to couture, the shade has only applied to the lighter-skinned among us. Christian Louboutin, however, may be pioneering a change in thinking. In collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman, Louboutin debuted a line of nude pumps that features not one shade, but five. According to Louboutin himself, the project doesn’t stop here. The Cut reports that Louboutin is planning to release two more nude shades in the coming year.

The debate about nude has been raging for years. Back in 2010, for example, people had a lot to say when Michelle Obama wore a dress labeled as “flesh-colored” by the Associated Press. At the time and in the years since, people have continued to point out that the very concept of nude implies that being white is standard, and that everyone else is an exception to the norm. But even though five years have passed since the event, little progress has been made. Most retailers still define “nude” as light beige, and don’t offer variations that serve other skin tones in the same way. Many widespread fashion trends start at the top, so we may be seeing imitations of the Louboutin color palette soon. Could we witness the end of the singular definition of nude in the near future? We sure hope so.

What do you think, collegiettes? Is it time to simply change what “nude” means, or should we ditch the word altogether?