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Lonely Ghost’s New Cozy Ghost Collection Is Your Excuse To Never Leave Home Again

As a self proclaimed homebody, I’m always on the hunt for the coziest clothing on the market. The Comfy? Been there. Snuggie? Done that. When it comes to anything that resembles a wearable blanket, it’s probably already hanging in my closet. Lonely Ghost’s new Cozy Ghost collection, however, is unlike anything I’ve worn before. The Ghost Gown is my official excuse to never leave my home again, but if I have to, I’ll probably be in Cozy Ghost. That’s the thing with these new Lonely Ghost styles: they’re really cute. So much so that you can wear the shin-length nightgown to Starbucks and you’ll probably actually get compliments on it. Indy Blue, you’ve done it again.

If this is your first exposure to Lonely Ghost, you’re welcome. Prepare to fall in love. The streetwear brand is known for their trendy loungewear basics with uplifting messaging like “Text me when you get lonely,” and “This song reminds me of you.” The brand’s co-founder, India Blue Severe, doubles as a social media influencer known as Indy Blue. She’s fostered a strong online presence, with a following of over 408,000 on her Instagram alone. She’s known for getting real about mental health, hence the inclusive messaging behind Lonely Ghost. The brand seeks to help individuals find comfort in themselves, which looks different to everyone. One thing I’m sure of, though: The new Cozy Ghost collection will bring a sense of comfort to anyone who tries it on.

Another thing to know about Indy: She has impeccable style (cue the wedding dress photos). Her unique eye shines through in every Lonely Ghost collection — and Cozy Ghost is no exception. So, if you’re looking to shop where extreme comfort meets ultimate *cool girl* style, check out the Cozy Ghost collection below.

Shop The Cozy Ghost Collection

The Ghost Gown

As the Lonely Ghost website says, The Ghost Gown ($119) speaks for itself. This piece is the perfect marriage between a cozy blanket and your favorite hoodie. Its extra slouchy hood and ribbed knit material make this the ideal outfit for Netflix-watching and couch-napping. Plus, it has an adorable ghost zipper detailing. I’ll take two.

Cozy Ghost Hoodie

If the Ghost Gown caught your eye but you’re looking for something you can also actually wear to class, the Cozy Ghost Hoodie ($69) is for you. Made from the same ribbed knit material, this lush, hooded sweatshirt is what cozy dreams are made of. BTW, it also has hidden pockets, which is kind of a major bonus.

Cozy Ghost Shorts

If you get the Cozy Ghost Hoodie, you obviously need the Cozy Ghost Shorts ($59) to match, right ? At least that’s how I’m justifying it. These ultra-soft, stretchy shorts feel like pajamas, but create an effortless, put-together vibe when paired with their matching top.

Checkered Robe

Nights in will never be the same with this Checkered Robe ($129). The piece’s double-layered material and unique checkered pattern make it equally comfy and cool. So, can we start wearing our bathrobes in public now?

Checkered Blanket

The Cozy Ghost Checkered Blanket ($139) will bring an added level of style to your safe space. It comes in red, black, and pink and it’s double lined for extra comfort.

Kyra covers all things trending in the fashion and beauty spaces. She served as the editor of the 2022 Her Campus College Beauty Awards, and previously worked as the editorial lead of College Fashionista.