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These 7 Little Miss Meme Halloween Costumes Are Too Good

Alright, Little Miss Still Trying To Find The Perfect Halloween ‘Fit, it’s time to stop searching on TikTok and check out this list of “Little Miss” meme-inspired costumes for a last minute Halloween slay! Yes, we’re talking about the viral meme that took over your social media feed this summer. But the “Little Miss” meme goes all the way back to 1971 — before you and your friends began sending personalized memes to each other in a slightly judgy but very hilarious way. The cute cartoon characters like “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Little Miss Princess” were created from the Mr. Men book series, and was popularized in 2022 by content creators getting very specific with their niche characters — usually calling out their funniest and most relatable quirks, like “Little Miss 200 Unread Texts” or “Little Miss Indecisive About Everything” (that one’s me, besties). 

You’ll have a ton of creative freedom when it comes to making your own “Little Miss” costume, but if you’re looking for some inspo, take a look at this list of the cutest “Little Miss” memes to recreate!

Little Miss Sunshine

One of the OG “Little Miss” characters, “Little Miss Sunshine” starts off our Halloween costume list! To recreate the look, just find your favorite all-yellow outfit (or sunny dress) and pair it with a cute set of pigtails and little red bows to pull it all together. Don’t forget to adorn your cheeks with faux freckles if you don’t have them naturally!

Little Miss Bossy

Don’t worry, bestie, you’re not bossy, you’re just a girl boss! If you want to recreate this original Mr. Men character, grab the chicest blue fit from your closet, and add a red derby hat! A small white flower will finish off this costume, but feel free to add a clipboard, briefcase, or any other girl boss accessory!

Little Miss Can I Bring My DOg?

You don’t have to leave your furry friend at home this Halloween! If you’re known for bringing your dog (or any pet) along literally everywhere, then this cute costume will be perfect for you two besties. Grab this “Little Miss Dog Mom” shirt on Etsy for yourself, and a funny “Little Miss” inspired dog tag for your pup!

Little Miss Shopping Addiction

For my “Little Miss” who loves to shop, this costume is easy! If you’re a vintage lover like me, just throw on your favorite thrifted and pre-loved pieces and go as your most fashionable self. To make the costume a little more specific, carry your empty shopping bags as accessories, or wear this shopaholic Etsy tee!

Little Miss Naughty

The original character “Little Miss Naugthy” rocks an all-purple outfit, pink wig, and a green hair bow! To finish off the costume, create a glamorous makeup look, and make sure to go heavy on the blush. Add a pink nose with some blush and you’re good to go!

Little Miss Ignores The Red Flags

Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. Hindsight is 20/20 after all, right? If you want to make a little fun of yourself this Halloween, try this meme-inspired costume! Throw on a blue dress, faux freckles, and matching yellow bows. Add a pair of sunglasses, and carry around (literal) red flags (for you to ignore, OFC). 

Little Miss Extra AF

We could all stand to be a little extra with our Halloween looks this year! To recreate the “Little Miss Extra AF” meme for Halloween, wear a sexy orange-toned outfit as a base, and finish off the costume with a flashy purse, blue boots, and Dolly Parton-inspired wig! If you’re truly extra AF, you’ll find your most camp items (perhaps your most extravagant jewelry pieces or over-the-top makeup looks) to accessorize with!

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