Lisa Vogl Breaks Boundaries With Macy's Collection Of Modest Clothing & Hijabs

Have you ever found a department store overwhelming? With sometimes floors' worth of options to choose from, the selection can seem endless — but not for everyone. 

When Lisa Vogl converted to Islam in 2011, she found it difficult to find modest clothing that was accessible and fit her style and budget. Vogel was proactive about the problem and, by 2015, she solved the problem by designing the clothing that she always wanted. Vogel and designer Alaa Ammuss created the Verona Collection, which includes modest clothing, Hijabs, and accessories that are sold online. 

Unsurprisingly, Vogl wasn’t the only woman with this fashion need. Within two years, the brand had two shipping distribution centers and a physical store in Orlando, Florida. In 2016, Jeff Gennette, the CEO of Macy’s, asked Vogl to create a line for the department store. While Macy’s isn’t the first recognizable brand to create a line of modest clothing and hijabs (brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and DKNY have all done so) this line is different in that a Muslim woman created it. Vogl is the first Muslim woman to sell Hijabs in a U.S. department store, which is another accomplishment that she can add to her ever-growing resume. 

Vogl spoke about her “big break” and the inspiration behind this groundbreaking line with Bustle. In creating this platform, she hopes to reach other women in the Muslim community who experience similar struggles. Speaking to Bustle, she said, "My goal when starting Verona Collection was to give my fellow sisters confidence to be proud of who they are, and if they choose to wear the hijab, to wear it with pride." 

If you’re interested in Vogl’s collection with Macy’s, check out some of the amazing pieces. While the collection is currently only available online, at the rate Vogl’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if these items were everywhere by next year! 

Verona Collection Hand-Dyed Ombré Hijab ($14.95 at Macy’s)

Verona Collection Valeria Belted Long Cardigan ($59.95 at Macy’s)

Verona Collection Striped Wide-Leg Pants ($49.95 at Macy’s)


Verona Collection Jersey Hijab ($15.95 at Macy’s