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Lilly Pulitzer Jumped on the Unicorn Bandwagon With This Stunning New Print

It’s here, people. The design team at Lilly Pulitzer drew up a magically colorful unicorn print, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted!

Even though this isn’t the first unicorn-themed print the brand has created, it’s definitely jumping right into the trendy world of unicorns (still not over the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, you guys). There is some bad news though. This mystical print won’t be available in stores anytime soon, but there’s still hope Lilly might release it! Reps from the company told Seventeen that, “We do not have current plans [for a unicorn-themed collection] but our print designers read all the social comments so you never know!”

Hear that, everyone? Let’s get commenting so we can get our hands on this unicorn print!!

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Taylor Petschl

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Taylor Petschl is a Cal Poly SLO alum and is currently attending Boston University for graduate school. She is a former campus correspondent and editorial intern for Her campus! 
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