Let's Talk About Body Diversity in Festival Fashion

I did a quick Google image search looking up, “Festival Fashion” and the page was filled with slender physiques wearing a similar variation of boho styles. I tried it again looking up “Festival Styles”, but my results remained the same. This lead me to the question, “Why aren’t all body types celebrated when it comes to festival fashion?” Festivals are a space to feel free and have fun (especially when you’re paying hundreds of dollars to go).

Let's be real: half the fun in festivals is getting to dress ultra-extra and feeling confident in doing so — but where's the fun in feeling like you don’t belong? HelloGiggles reports Coachella goer Brandon Crawford felt out of place at that festival mainly due to his larger frame. Crawford said, “I had seen social media posts and celebrity style articles about #FestivalFashion from previous years, and knew that most of the bodies represented looked nothing like mine.” Crawford is not alone in feeling this way.

In 2014 the “Coachella diet” became a trend, where people would intensify their workouts and restrict their calories. All to look their “best” for a weekend at a music festival. I’m all for living a healthy lifestyle, but pressuring people to fit a certain body type mold for a festival just isn't right. The reality is not everyone who attends a music festival is the typical model stature you see flooding your Instagram feed. Festivals bring together people of all shapes and sizes to celebrate and enjoy the music and entertainment

When it comes to festival style, inclusivity is a must. Everyone deserves to feel iconic in their festival 'fits. With that mind, we've curated a list of festival style-inspo with the way fashion should be — inclusive for all. Here's our lookbook of our fave plus-size bloggers serving their must-have festival fashion this year:


This plus-size Coachella lookbook highlights every festival style vibe with three very different looks. Whether you are more street style or girly this fashion guide is a must watch.

Shayna Moretti

If you’re obsessed with flowy dresses and floral prints then this is the festival style guide for you. All of the looks are completed with cute delicate accessories.


Are you in need of some major tips when it comes to plus-size festival fashion? This video has you covered! Plus, learn the inside scoop on all the accessories you should be packing.

Learning about all the festival styles made me realize we really need to be highlighting more shapes and sizes in the media. It shouldn't have to be a challenge to find plus-size style that's cute as hell. Last year the queen herself, Beyoncé, had three plus-size dancers in her Coachella 2018 performance. This is the type of body positivity we need to see more of in 2019 especially when it comes to festival fashion!