10 Legging Brands That Are Just as Good as Lululemon (Seriously)

Okay, let's be real for a sec. I love lululemon as much as the next person, but it can get really expensive. but it also sometimes feels like the only available option when it comes to workout leggings. On a mission to right this wrong, I asked Her Campus contributors what their favorite leggings brands are, scoured the internet for product reviews, and tried a few alternatives myself. Behold the results of my groundbreaking research.

  1. 3. ASICS

    ASICS are super high quality and have cute designs just like Lulu. They also frequently have products on sale so you can get them at a much better price!

  2. Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable, ethical activewear brand that made waves when they offered free leggings for the price of shipping (for real though—*cough cough* Sunny Co. Clothing). They have since garnered quite a few fans and for good reason.

  3. CRZ Yoga is one of my personal favorites, and their leggings and sports bras are perfect for the gym or the couch, whichever you prefer. They're also available for Amazon Prime if you need them as soon as tomorrow.

  4. Set Active is so on-trend, the brand has become the chosen activewear of all current social media stars. If you want to spend about $15 more, you can get a matching set instead of just the leggings, and look incredibly fashionable while running laps.

  5. 8. Target

    "Honestly great for the price," Abby says. We've known about Target and their incredible activewear.

  6. Pair one of their iconic crewnecks with their ultra-soft, yet thick leggings; perfect for a workout or a day in class.

  7. Comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable? Yes, please.

So, what will you be working out in? Or lounging in, I really can't judge.

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