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The Latte Girl Makeup Trend Is Bronzed, Beautiful, & Super Easy To Do

Everyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with coffee. Like, best friends with my Nespresso machine-level obsessed. There is nothing better than a creamy oat milk latte, especially in the summer. So, obviously, when the latte girl makeup trend came across my FYP, I fell in love — this is my new go-to look for the rest of the summer, complete with an actual latte in hand as well. 

Coined by @rachelrigler on TikTok, the latte girl makeup trend is a bronze, monochromatic look that brings the warm and cozy vibes of a latte. Due to the warm tones, this look can help to make brown and hazel eyes pop, while also making you look perfectly sunkissed. Plus, not to mention, it requires minimal products, makeup skills, and time, making it the new go-to makeup look for summer. All-in-all, it’s the perfect look for summer, and I should have been doing this look ages ago. 

The cafe-inspired look is taking over the app. With #lattegirlmakeup having gotten over 362,000 views on TikTok, beauty lovers are reaching for all of their bronze or brown products to try to recreate the look. And honestly, if you need me I’ll probably be in front of a mirror doing the same. 

A quick Pinterest search will find tons of bronze and glowy looks that are honestly fit for a goddess. But lots of these looks are done by Australian makeup artist Tanielle Jai, she took to TikTok with a more in-depth tutorial of how she achieves these bronze looks, which she calls “summer smokey.” 


Thankyou @Rachel Rigler and @Danielle Estrada for using my makeup as inspo!!! Heres how i do the “latte makeup” look! #lattemakeup #bronzer #fyp

♬ original sound – Tanielle Jai

In a tutorial, Tanielle says to focus on finding caramel tones, looking for products with a yellow base, and avoiding all color (like blush) on the face — and staying away from anything with a red undertone. Her biggest secret is adding some bronzer as a base to the eyes to pull the whole look together. 

How do get the latte girl makeup look? 

This look is perfect if you are looking for something that feels glam but is still neutral enough to match any outfit or vibe — even just running to a coffee shop. NGL, it’s the perfect summer look. 


Latte Makeup 🥛☕️☕️ but let’s make it head to toe ✨ @rhode skin

♬ Beat – beaty

The whole of this look is to be glowy and effortless in the summer so prepping your skin with the e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer ($10) is a must. From there, you can go in with the Tower 28 Sunny Days Tinted Moisturizer ($32), but Rigler says to avoid your nose to make the whole look seem like you are wearing less makeup. 

Then, go in on cheekbones, hairline, and lids with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($35). To brighten everything up, highlight under the eyes and on the forehead and cheeks with your favorite concealer and blend well — the better you blend, the more effortless the look will seem. 

On your eyes, use the Colourpop California Love palette ($18) to add a dark brown shade to your outer corner, and then add a shimmery shade near your inner corner. Last, but not least, finish the look with NYX eyeliner pencil in Brown ($7) and a swipe of your favorite mascara. Now get yourself a coffee babes, show off that look!

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