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The Latest Beauty Trend: Eyebrow Extensions

Not long ago, barely-there brows were all the rage. Ever since then, we’ve had a love-hate relationship with our tweezers. Unfortunately for those who were overzealous with plucking in high school, the results can’t always be reversed—they can only be masked by eyebrow pencils and gels. That is, until now. Lynn La Palermo, founder and owner of Occhi’ Lash & Brow Studio in Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois, gives new meaning to fuller eyebrows through—wait for it—eyebrow extensions! 

Thanks to leaders of the bold brow pack, Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, fuller eyebrows (not to be confused with exaggerated brows, one of the trends we hope we won’t see in 2015) are having a major moment. Now, collegiettes who have fallen victim to over-plucking can relive their days of bolder eyebrows, and those whose brows were initially scraggly can get a taste of the bold brow life. At Occhi’, 30-year esthetician and makeup artist Palermo uses Brow Perfect, a technique from the U.K. that adds depth and dimension to eyebrows through the gluing of individual synthetic hairs either directly onto the skin or by attaching them to existing hair. The process for filling in small gaps takes approximately 10 minutes, whereas recreating a new brow takes closer to 45 minutes. What does it cost to recover your eyebrows, you ask? Naturally, a pretty penny—at the least, $45 for 15 minutes and at the most, $150 for an hour and a half.

As for the caveats of Brow Perfect—like all good things, your full brows must come to an end. The extensions can last up to 14 days. To help sustain the two week-life of the extensions, however, you must avoid applying makeup for 24 hours (add that to the Mission: Impossible sequel), avoid wetness and steam (does that mean no showering?) and avoid oily products on your extensions. Lastly, don’t rub, pick or pull on them. 

The concept behind eyebrow extensions is somewhat similar to that of eyelash extensions, yet with every beauty trend that emerges so does our dubiousness. So what exactly about Brow Perfect is making us raise our eyebrows? For one, we want to know what, if any, damage the process can do to the skin around our eyebrows. More so, whether the extensions can prevent the growth of future eyebrow hairs. Or worse, can the process eventually lead to total eyebrow extinction?! The answers to our questions have yet to be made explicit, but for now we’re all for eyebrow extensions—because you know we’re all about that brow, ‘bout that brow, no plucking.

Would you ever try eyebrow extensions for the sake of fuller brows?

Nina Aghadjanian is a versatile multimedia journalist who graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor's Degree in Literary Journalism and minor in Management. She is a former Fashion and Lifestyle Production intern at E! News, an editor at UC Irvine's Her Campus chapter and an on-camera reporter at Anteater Television, a student-run news program. Nina's other previous roles include remote Contributing Writer and Blogger at Her Campus, the number one global online community for college women; editorial intern at Byrdie, an online magazine devoted to all things beauty that was launched by the creators of WhoWhatWear.com; and social media manager at Party Bravo, an online wedding directory. Nina is an aspiring on-camera entertainment news correspondent and digital magazine editor with an obsessive attention to detail in writing and superb reporting, interviewing and interpersonal communication skills. She is equally adept at managing multifarious projects and meeting tight deadlines, always doing so with an intent to increase productivity without cutting quality. When Nina isn't monitoring celebrity whereabouts, new haircuts and breakups like a hawk, she's perusing glossy and digital fashion magazines and thinking of more reasons why Los Angeles, not Disneyland, is the happiest place on earth. Nina is eager to build on her love for editorial and encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, celebrity, beauty and fashion. Contact Nina directly at [email protected] or connect with her via Instagram @sincerely_ninaa.
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