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Lady Gaga Might Be Launching a Beauty Brand & Some of These Fan Theories Will Get You So Hyped

With all the recent and impending beauty brand debuts, it impossible to ignore the FOMO because we don’t want to miss the chance to nab our favorite celeb’s new products. After you refreshed the J.Lo-affiliated Inglot website for her makeup launch, you were scouring Rihanna’s Twitter for any hints of a new launch. However, the rise of the celebrity-donned beauty brands isn’t over (thankfully). According to Teen Vogue, Lady Gaga might be preparing to add makeup mogul to her already extensive resume.

Apparently Lady Gaga and her team are already working to trademark the potential brand’s namesake: Haus Beauty. Allure has confirmed the fan theory that Gaga is trying to secure the name of her impending beauty brand, seeing as Gaga has already submitted her trademark application via the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

Allure adds that the formal application also mentions “fragranced boy care preparations,” as a potential product. While Allure might think it’s a typo, we aren’t so sure. Regardless of the fragrance, or lack thereof, “boy care preparations” could be a way for the brand to market skincare and makeup to men in a new way.

After all, men seem to have some specific ~feels~ about skincare, so maybe Gaga will use this ambiguously titled product to help fight gendered skincare stigma. Or maybe this is Gaga’s satirical approach to beauty products that will help women prepare to deal with men (tbh we need all the help we can get). Granted, these are only fan theories, but hopefully, Gaga will give us some more hints soon.

Allure also notes that Gaga’s Instagram is already teeming with hints about her upcoming Haus Beauty brand. Earlier this year on Jan. 16, she posted an editorial pic on her Insta that included #HausEditorials. The mere mention of Haus might be a clear reference to Haus Beauty. However, Haus Editorials might be a part of a larger Gaga-affiliated project.

There’s already a Twitter account for @HausEditorial, which is decorated with a Lady Gaga profile and header photo. Although the Twitter account was conceived in March 2016, the account doesn’t have any Tweets. @HausEditorial does follow a slew of makeup artists, beauty influencers and Lady Gaga-stan accounts (not Gaga herself though).

Plus, the Twitter account has a single Twitter moment: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Pepsi Zero Sugar Halftime Show from 2016. Regardless, there is now clear affiliation between @HausEditorial and Gaga herself, there is already a fan-lead forum about this specific Instagram photo—and the forum has a plethora of Haus Editorial theories.

Who knows, Haus Editorial could be a part of Lady Gaga’s large brand (but that might be hopeful thinking). Regardless, we can’t wait to see what beauty products Haus Beauty will release.

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