LaCroix Swimsuits Are the Most Instagrammable Thing You'll See All Summer

Just in case you were concerned that you didn’t have enough opportunities to express your endless love for LaCroix, you can now wear your sparkling water obsession to the beach. That’s right — LaCroix-themed bathing suits are a thing, thanks to online brand Public Space.

For people obsessed with LaCroix, this is like a dream come true, especially because a LaCroix bathing suit is the perfect addition to your summer and your Instagram feed. Not in the fanclub? We’ll fill you in: LaCroix is natural, calorie-free and sugar-free sparkling water with no artificial sweeteners. Some people love LaCroix so much that they’ve even created LaCroix-inspired desserts, songs and makeup, according to Hello Giggles. (Yes, the water is basic af, but it's good and calorie-free so whatevs.) 

With a colorful LaCroix one piece or LaCroix swim shorts that feature the same vibrant designs as LaCroix cans, your beach look will be full of flavor. You can even choose between five different flavors: pamplemousse, lime, pure, passionfruit and cran-raspberry.

According to the Public Space website, the bathing suits are custom-made in Los Angeles and printed using natural, non-toxic ink. A LaCroix one piece costs $49.50 and a pair of swim shorts costs $39.50. The one piece also features a high-cut and scoop-back, so honestly, even if you don’t understand the hype behind LaCroix, you have to admit these suits are pretty stylish.