Kylie Jenner's Purse Closet Tour Will Give You Major Handbag Envy

Chanel and Gucci and Dior, oh my!

Unless you’ve been ridiculously out of the loop over the last few years, you’re probably aware that Kylie Jenner has a ton of money. Like, almost billions. And what does she spend this insane amount of money on? Well, a number of things—but especially purses.

Kylie recently uploaded a video to her YouTube channel that she called her “Purse Closet Tour,” because yes, her purses have their own closet. Kylie’s shared sneak peeks of the purse closet before on Instagram and Snapchat, but this time we get an up-close look at just how extravagant it really is.

Honestly, there were so many designer names dropped that I don’t even know where to start. There was the Hermès row, which included a staggering number of Birkin bags. One, a mini Birkin in hot pink, was a Christmas gift from Kourtney which, along with a mini Louis Vuitton bag that was a childhood gift from mama Kris Jenner, will be going to Kylie’s daughter Stormi when she’s old enough to think about wanting purses. This child officially has more style than all of us now.

Kylie pointed to one crocodile-skin Birkin in particular and said it would be the one she’d save if her house was on fire, but her dalmatian-printed Hermès bag was dubbed “cool and unique,” too. The real showstopper, IMO, though, was a Judith Leiber lipstick-shaped clutch that was dripping in crystals (it currently sells for almost $5,500). According to Kylie, it was a gift from Kim, who “loves collecting Judith Leiber bags.” I guess it runs in the family.

“Definitely have to wear this out soon,” Kylie said about the lipstick bag, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for that.

Other featured purses included a tiny Prada bag that Kylie and Kendall brought everywhere with them when they were “babies,” and a Louis Vuitton bag that was custom-painted with Kris Jenner’s face and the words “Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$” (must be the “self-made” billionaire slogan). YSL, Supreme, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and other designer brands were also spotted on the shelves, but didn’t make the cut for a direct comment from Kylie.

Oh, to be rich.