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Kylie Cosmetics Announced Its Valentine’s Day Collection & The Internet Is Freaking Out Accordingly

Every time Kylie Jenner announces a new project, I think there’s no way she can outdo herself again. But the newly crowned Empress of the makeup industry (“queen” feels reductive) always proves me wrong. In today’s episode of “LOL try keeping up with Kylie I dare you,” Kylie Cosmetics just announced a Valentine’s Day collection that was probably hit with Cupid’s arrow, because I am in love (I realize that’s not how Cupid works—just let me have this one). First of all, there are glittery-packaged lip kits and a red mini box set that will make your heart beat faster than an EDM song.


Red Minis?! Yes Please … #ValentinesCollection #February2nd

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Second, Kylie revealed ridiculous amounts of new products on her Snapchat, including a new eye and cheek palette named “Kylie’s Diary,” two new lip kit shades (“Valentine” and “Head Over Heels”), a minis kit with both new and tried-and-true shades, as well as THREE “Valentine” sets, which come with two lip products and two exclusive eye shadows each. See for yourself, because my words fail me:

These limited edition babies debut February 2 at 3 p.m. PST on KylieCosmetics.com, and as I’m sure you’re aware, they will sell out, so you’re gonna want to set an alarm. And speaking of alarms, it didn’t take makeup addicts long to sound theirs. Even Jaclyn Hill has zero chill:

Others chimed in, proving once again that King Kylie reigns over us all:

Same, girl, same. So yeah.

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