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Your Hungover Self Wishes She Looked as Good as Kristen Stewart & Stella Maxwell

Sunday mornings are for swearing you’ll never drink as much as you did the night before, eating the leftover pizza that magically ended up occupying the other side of your bed, and staying in bed until one of your hangover companions is able to drag you out of bed for brunch (and more food!). The hangover outfit that ensues is truly an art form. You strive to strike a look that says “I only look sloppy because I had so much fun last night,” not “this is my go-to look.” It can be hard to do. You have to match your comfiest clothes with your makeup and clutch from last night, and tie the whole outfit together with a stereotypical pair of sunglasses.

Do you know who has the whole hangover outfit mastered? Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stella Maxwell. The pair evidently celebrated Kristen’s 27th birthday the right way, but instead of looking like a couple of slobs like the rest of us, they decided to match in an undeniably cute outfit (why bother to create two outfits when you can get away wearing the same one?). Dressed in crop tops and tube socks, each girl opted for one “athletic” item and one more stylish one (maybe from the night before?) with Stewart in a hoodie and jean shorts and Maxwell in a leather jacket and running shorts. Both completed the look with, you guessed it… sunglasses. Classic move.

Personally, I would never leave the house hungover in a crop top…. no one needs to see how much beer and greasy brunch food bloats me. However, taking a cue from Stewart and Maxwell, here are some adorable finds for your next hungover morning:

1. Wildfox Couture Worth It Tee ($68 at Revolve

The shirt says it all… so you don’t have to.

2. ASOS Oval Sunglasses ($18.50 at ASOS

The bigger the better, not only for the sunglasses needed to hide your tired AF eyes, but for the size of your brunch plate.

3. Velvet Floral Sweatpants ($19.90 at Forever 21)

 These sweats are so on trend, people will think that you’re more fashion-forward than you are hungover. 

4. Jac Vanek Never Drinking Chambray Shirt ($44 at Dolls Kill)

No, really, you swear you’re not ever going to…. (at least until next weekend).

5. Black (Minus The) Leather Zip Moto Jacket ($79.99 at Express

Take a cue from Stella and stay in your jacket from the night before!

6. Sporty Ankle Tube Socks ($6 at TopShop)

  Complete your look with tube socks, à la Kristella (I had to).

Amanda is a National Intern, Style and Beauty Blogger and a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus. She is doing a double major in criminology and sociology at Western University. She is a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta - Zeta Chi chapter, and makes 99% of her decisions based off of WWEWD (what would Elle Woods Do?). Follow her on instagram @amanda_h_jones, and listen to her talk about makeup *a bit* more than usual at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-7cOzh_oI&t=237s