KJ Apa & Mandy Moore Are the Faces of Fossil's New 90's Mood Watch

We always love a good nostalgic, 90’s themed style piece, and Fossil is upping the game with their new mood watch collection in collaboration with our celeb crush KJ Apa plus the beautiful Mandy Moore. Remember the days when bracelets, necklaces, and rings changed color depending on your mood? Fossil innovates that trend by merging it into their signature watch style. The VP of Fossil said in a statement that the watch captures six moods and has six colors: black for anxious or excitable, blue-green for relaxed and calm, dark blue for happy and love, green for sensitive, amber green for troubled or uneasy, and amber for when you are feeling nervous or tense.

Fossil’s newest watch, complete with their signature color-changing dial, is set on a simple case and classic leather band so the face of the watch can shine. We’re all about celebrating authenticity, and Fossil is bringing that to life with this campaign. Collabing with Mandy Moore — one of the stars of the most heartfelt show on television — promotes being genuine and real, even when on screen. Like Moore’s work on-screen, Fossil’s new line is unique, emotional, and limited edition. This watch is a collector’s item and only 854 of these watches will be produced.

Of course we all know and love the CW’s “Riverdale” star KJ Apa, and he’s a perfect fit for the campaign. His character on the show, Archie Andrews, is an all-American boy in a town that feels nostalgic, and he strives to do the right thing, be creative, and embrace all sides of himself from musician to football star, and from loyal friend to defender of justice. His fun-loving demeanor and down-to-earth personality are things we all love about him, and part of why he’s always going to be our celeb crush.

If you love KJ Apa like we do, check out Fossil’s newest watch which is retailing for $115! Available in both a men's and women's version, everyone can achieve style icon status just like our two favorite celebs highlighted in this campaign. Embrace expressing yourself and accepting your authentic, real emotions as they come, and be bold in your choices! Wear your heart on your sleeve (or your stylish watch) just like Mandy Moore and KJ Apa.