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Kendall & Kylie Jenner Spill Their Beauty Secrets!

The latest of the Kardashian clan to burst onto the scene, Kendall and Kylie Jenner definitely uphold the beauty standard set by their step-sisters. Long, flowing hair? Check. Glowing skin? Double check. But along with their trademark looks, the sisters share another Kardashian credential: a jam-packed schedule.
Here’s how they balance graduating high school with modeling gigs—and always look flawless.

You guys have such great hair! How do you care for it?
We don’t over-work our hair when we’re not working. We use Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

You both have gorgeous skin. What’s your skincare routine like?
We use products from our dermatologist. First, we wash our faces every night. We try to wear very little make-up if we are not working. Since we’re constantly wearing skirts and dresses, our legs need their own skincare routine. Shaving is a key part of this…our favorite products are the Venus Embrace razor and the Satin Care Passionista Fruit Shave Gel. Last, we never leave the house without body lotion on.

What’s a beauty trend you would never try?
Blonde hair—unless it’s a wig and just for fun! We would never permanently change our hair colors. But maybe we’d cut our hair short, you never know!

How do you get ready on school days?
Whenever we’re getting ready, we first pick out two things: our outfit and a playlist. Then we’ll shower, shave and moisturize. We usually do our hair then makeup and save finishing touches like lip gloss and perfume for last. We like to keep it really simple if we’re not working. A light foundation, mascara, eyeliner and some lip balm, that’s it.

What inspires your beauty looks?
The mood, weather, and the event inspire our looks, as well as our outfits.

How do you guys stay active?
We like horseback riding, swimming and running.

What’s been your favorite photo shoot so far?
We love the shoots with Fadil Berisha for Sherri Hill. It’s always like a dress-up princess fairytale.

Want to see more of Kendall & Kylie’s beauty secrets? They worked with Venus to create the “Getting Ready with Kendall & Kylie” video series on the Venus Facebook page!


Alana Peden handles public relations for the one-of-a-kind Austin startup SpareFoot.  Her interests span from how to wield a mascara wand to the intricacies of the 3-4 defense, as does her writing repertoire. She has interned in the beauty departments at Lucky and Good Housekeeping, covered college athletics for Horns Illustrated, and contributed gleefully to Texas Music. Always game for a laugh at her own expense, Alana aspires to one day give the universe back a scintilla of what it gives to her. When she's not reading or writing,  she's planning elaborate outfits for hypothetical situations unlikely to materialize. Please reach Alana here. 
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