Kate Middleton Wears These Affordable Sneakers Basically Everywhere

Kate Middleton is many things, not least of which being the real-life future queen of England (can you imagine??). For all her accomplishments, it shouldn't really matter how she dresses, but the truth of the matter is: the woman is a fashion queen. From never straying from her most beloved pieces to looking like a million dollars in our fave affordable brands, the Duchess of Cambridge is a more approachable fashion icon than, say, the Kardashians.

Once again, Kate has given us an easy way to copy her style. The Daily Mail noticed that the sneakers she wore for her trip to Canada last fall were a super basic pair of Superga kicks, that are available at Bloomingdale's for only $65.

This was definitely not a one-off for Kate, who wears this same exact pair pretty much every time she gets a chance. Here she is preparing to host London marathon runners:

And giving out a medal:

She was also spotted wearing them after a bridal party for Pippa. Lesson learned: dressing like a princess is a lot easier than I thought.