Kate Middleton Loves These Boots So Much, She's Worn Them For 12 Years

Turns out that, besides being a royal duchess, Kate Middleton is just like us—she also splurges on shoes and then wears them out for years and years.

This Monday on the Royal Tour of Canada, per the usual, the Duchess of Cambridge looked effortlessly chic in her classic, laidback preppy outfit. Of course, no style icon could step out in a pair of shoes that wasn’t equally fab, and she did not disappoint choosing a pair of Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boots to complete the ensemble.

For Kate Middleton followers, these shoes might look familiar since she wore them earlier this summer on a royal trip to Bhutan. But avid fans of Kate since the beginning might recognize them from way back in 2004, when she was still just dating Prince William.

A French magazine cover from 2004. So flawless. 

Are we saying that Kate Middleton been wearing the same pair of boots for twelve years?! Maybe. Chances are she either has a special shoe cobbler who fixes them up or she just bought a new pair sometime over the past 12 years. If anything though, this proves how just timeless her style is. On that note, we're going to need a few hundred to snap these up...