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The Kardashians Are Obsessed With These Furry Phone Cases

Everyone knows that Kim Kardashian’s LuMee case is her pride and joy, since she is the Selfie Queen, but recently, Kim has been seen sporting a much ~warmer~ phone case. She was spotted carrying a Wild and Woolly Phone case in the Arctic Blue Mink color a few weeks ago. Later, Kylie Jenner was also seen with the furry phone case, in the color Canary Yellow Mink, so obviously the Kardashian-Jenner clan approve of this new trend.

These statment phone cases were created by a former private equity consultant named Nina Cheng. According to Vogue, after shattering her phone, Cheng decided to make her own phone cases and add to the luxury phone case market. “I remember feeling disappointed with the options on the market—most of the phone cases out there were just different graphics printed onto hard plastic,” she says. “Given my lifelong love of fur, I wondered why there wasn’t a fur option available—especially since it would also warm fingers during colder temperatures.” Nina Cheng combined her love for expensive, high-quality fur and luxury phone cases to create these eye-catching pieces, and soon began selling them at retailers around the world.

While this new phone trend is completely adorable, it has the potential to break the bank with starting prices as high as $305! If you want to get in on this new phone case craze, but aren’t balling on a budget, we got you: below are some affordable alternatives to the original Wild and Woolly phone case.

Urban Outfitters Blue Furry Thing iphone 7 Case, $28

Etsy Luxury Furry Hard Cover Case, $26.99

Amazon Gravydeals Purple Luxury Furry case for iphone 7, $9

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