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Kandee Johnson Shared Her Favorite Halloween Nail Designs & We’re Copying All of Them

If you’re part of the online beauty community, you probably know Kandee Johnson. She’s been a beauty guru on YouTube since 2009, sharing everything from how to master the basics to crazy Halloween tutorials. This October, she spilled the (pumpkin) guts on what she expects to be the hottest Halloween nail trends and how you can get them too.

Depending on your costume, Kandee recommends going the trendy minimalist route with just a simple black and white stripe “that feels a little like Beetlejuice.”  If you’re going for something more colorful and cute, you can try your hand at her “mesmerizing” holographic powdered nails. Perfect accessory to that space unicorn costume? I think yes. 

Want to try a look that’s a little more grisly? Kandee says that the “blood dripping” look is going to be a big hit this year. Just try not to get red polish on your costume! 

Not sure which brand of polish to choose? Kandee uses Achi for gel looks, and OPI or Essie for “long-lasting, good colors.” And if you accidentally make a mistake while you’re doing your nails at home, she says you can just use some acetone and a flat brush to make your nails look “like a pro did [them]!”

What nail trend are you going to try this Halloween? 

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