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This Limited-Edition Lipstick Collection Honors Modern, Female Trailblazers

Less than five months ago, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered her most iconic line during the debate cycle: “I’m speaking.” 

Almost every woman — hell, every person — was shocked during her declaration, mostly because women rarely dare say such a thing – especially on live television. 

But, it was also refreshing (and long-awaited, to be honest). Women worldwide know what it’s like when a man interrupts us when we're speaking, and we're all well-versed in remaining quiet and polite, so as not to start a confrontation. But it’s rude and sexist, so why not call it out? 

Kamala Harris showed us what it's like to be bold, and now you can be, too.



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SHESPOKE, a makeup brand co-founded by SVU Law & Order actress Stephanie March, recently released an limited edition lipstick collection called “I’m Speaking,” which was inspired by Harris's iconic phrase and other female trailblazers whose strength, courage and perseverance made the inauguration possible.

The collection comes with three shades and a gloss for $85. Each shade pays tribute to courageous female trailblazers – civil and voter rights activist Stacey Abrams, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and of course, Vice President Harris – and reminds us to be bold, daring and courageous. You’re powerful, and this lipstick is only a reminder of that.

Melanie Curry is a Boston-based magazine journalist from Atlanta, Georgia and a senior at Emerson College. She has bylines in Men's Health, Boston Magazine, and more! When not writing an article or reaching out to sources, you can find her at Starbucks drinking a cold brew and listening to music—her favorite hobby.
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