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Janelle Monáe on the Cover of Glamour

Janelle Monáe: glamorous name, even more glamorous young woman. At only 25 years old, the American singer-songwriter has come a long way from her childhood in Kansas City, Kansas. Sure, her music is good. But her style? Even better.

With influences from New York and Atlanta, cities in which she spent some time on her climb to the top, Monáe is known for her signature black-and-white ensembles. The young star talks style, music, and life in the August issue of Glamour.

Among the articles highlights are Monáe’s thoughts about YouTube fan versions of ‘Tightrope,’ “It makes me so proud…I want this song to be your drug.” As for her ever-present tuxedos? It “commands attention,” says Monáe, “It’s not a trendy thing. It’s timeless. It’s transcendent. The kind of thing you can give to your grandchildren.”

I think Monáe has the right look and attitude to pull off menswear, but menswear for women has been getting a lot of flak lately. And, as far the black-and-white color scheme goes, do you think it’s chic or restrictive? Sound off in the comments!

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