Meet the 2020 Graduation Shop That Also Supports Elephant Conservation

Hello and welcome to senior spring. You’re graduating—and you deserve all the recognition and hype for your accomplishments. But it’s time to check in, re: the last couple of months. Even though this moment probably isn’t what you expected it to look like, there’s one organization out there dedicated to making sure your graduation feels just as special as years past!

Ivory Ella began in 2015 and is rooted in a mission of supporting elephant conservation, with a commitment of 10% of profits going to charitable causes such as Save the Elephants. It continues to bring awareness to the plight of the elephants and the ivory trade (which will undoubtedly have a drastic effect in Africa due to lack of funding after COVID-19 pandemic). 

Here’s the part where things get exciting for this year’s grads. The brand released a #Herdof2020 graduation collection of graphic tees to honor the Class of 2020, their achievements, and everyone’s united fight against COVID-19. Plus, Ivory Ella will be taking part in HC’s Senior Week of Giveaways, which you can enter @hercampus on Instagram

There’s even an option for a Graduation Bundle ($65) that includes a “Future is Bright” banner to hang at home. Don't wait to shop these faves that'll help you show off your commencement spirit.