Introducing Sustainably Stylish, Our Ode to Curating a More Sustainable Closet

Something pretty astounding that I’ve noticed about us young women recently is just how much we as individuals are doing the work in the sustainability space. We’ve created conversations on minimizing waste, recycling, using eco-friendly materials, carpooling, and more sustainable lifestyle changes. We’ve built communities, on and offline, dedicated to doing our part for the planet. We are part of a growing movement, and we’re not afraid to hold the brands and companies we support accountable for doing the same.  

Something that has long been left out of the mainstream conversation until recently, however, are the effects of textile waste. Nearly 10% of all municipal solid waste in the U.S. consists of leather and textiles — and that can’t be ignored. Within the past few years, it hasn’t been ignored — fashion brands and houses have been moving towards more sustainable practices and materials. Not only out of a social responsibility, but out of the sheer demand from us young women who want to do our part in curating a sustainable lifestyle and want the help of the brands we buy from.

In light of the sustainable movement, Her Campus Style is excited to announce Sustainably Stylish, a campaign dedicated to exploring all-things sustainable fashion.

From breakdowns of our favorite sustainable brands to our college-budget approved sustainable style tips, HC’s editors, writers, and passionate sustainable bloggers are giving you the low-down on how to actually curate a more sustainably stylish life. We’re also digging into the state of the sustainable fashion industry — an industry that’s falling behind in inclusivity of race, class and bodies — and how to make the sustainable space much more accessible. So, grab your favorite thirfted jean jacket and pull up a chair — let’s chat about how real college women are living a sustainably stylish life. Get involved in the conversation and use the hashtag #HCSustainablyStylish to show us your favorite thrifted, eco-conscious, or ethically manufactured ‘fit.