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The Internet is Absolutely Losing It Over These Topshop Jeans

Generally speaking, Topshop is one of our go-to’s when it comes to jeans – the brand offers tons of lengths for those of us on the shorter or taller side, and Topshop’s “mom jean” style is basically universally-flattering. However, it turns out that the Internet is, erm, questioning the brand’s judgement over its latest denim style.

You see, Topshop decided to create a variation on its much-loved mom jean style via the addition of some clear plastic panels that show off your… knees? Yeah I’m not really sure either.

The “Moto Clear Patent Mom Jeans,” as Topshop has dubbed them, retail on the site and at Nordstrom for $95 – where they have garnered some (probably sarcastic) five star reviews, including one from a reviewer who said, “I’m so glad I finally found pants that allow my knees to see the world! My knees are so beautiful but I get cold in the winter so this is the perfect solution to show them off!”

In case Nordstrom’s 22-and-counting reviews weren’t already hilarious enough, the Internet also has some serious ~feelings~ about them.

And then there was Team Clear Knee Mom Jeans who were totally here for the whole entire thing:

TBH, I feel like you could potentially tell a lot about a person depending which camp they fall into when it comes to clear knee mom jeans – the Internet probably hasn’t been this divided over an article of clothing since the whole “What color is the dress?” fiasco.

Caroline is the Evening/Weekend Editor and Style Editor at Her Campus, a senior public relations major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a leather jacket enthusiast.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @c_pirozzolo. 
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