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7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration & Helpful Tips, Whether You’re Moving into a New Space or Just Looking For a Refresh

A cozy corner of the internet still exists! A movement of creators are transforming their spaces and documenting it all on Instagram, offering DIY tips, rent negotiation advice, decor inspiration and more, plus the satisfaction of seeing spaces transformed. Here are seven of the most welcoming and innovative creators I found on Instagram, that will elevate your space no matter your style or budget – whether you’re gearing up for a big move or just looking for a little change where you’re already at.  


If you like Mamma Mia, roommate-friendships, plants, and generally crave joy, follow this account! KC Cibran consistently provides tips on how to make space feel like your own while sticking to a budget. She consistently transforms finds that she gets on Facebook Market and on the street into gems. KC Cibran portrays the growing pains of moving to a big city, but she also makes them seem achievable and joyous. 


Aspiring plant parents, assemble! Donovan has brought the best parts of the indoors into their beautiful apartment in San Francisco. Donovan’s home is proof that your space can defy conventions, and truly be the escape you need from reality. Plus, Donovan has a very cute dog. 


If you gravitate towards minimalism, go ahead and give @Bintabuheh a follow. By day she’s a psychology teacher, but by night she shares her welcoming London home. @Bintabuheh shows you practical tips like how to update a light switch. But she wins you over by sharing how the light catches her kitchen in the morning, and makes you consider installing a bookshelf above your bed. 


Craving some warmth in your apartment? Ashely’s Instagram is like curling up for a nap in the sun. Each corner of her Los Angeles home is covered in soft pinks, oranges, and hues of brown. Plus she reviews candles and has thoughtful Instagram captions that will make you feel like best friends. 


Love a good DIY transformation? You will adore Amara and her amazing rental-friendly renovations. Amara passes on rental-friendly hacks like how to install wall lights without leaving holes, or how to wallpaper correctly.  She even demonstrates how she revamped her bathroom floor using floor pops. These tips will come in handy for any renter looking to decorate their space, while also keeping their landlord happy. 


Follow this Native New Yorker on her journey to spruce up her childhood apartment. But you won’t just watch the process unfold, you’ll be a part of her journey. @hattiekolp has asked her followers to help pick paint colors, and uses her presence on the internet to brainstorm her latest DIY project. Following this account is all about investing in Hattie’s long-term journey, and I cannot wait to see how her future projects pan out.  


When I grow up, I want to be like Jess. She has an entire house of her own, and each corner is filled with color and personality. In addition to showcasing her own home, Jess offers personal interior decorating services. Following Jess will encourage you to be bold with your choices and develop a sense of style that is truly your own.

Personal style starts from within! These Instagram accounts can help you figure out how you want to decorate your future apartment or home. So wait are you waiting for? Go give them a follow. 

Hanna Katherine

Conn Coll '20

Hanna Bobrowicz is a graduate of Connecticut College, where she served as Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Conn. Following graduation Hanna returned to her native San Fransisco Bay Area and keeps up to date on the latest tech news. You can find her hiking, cooking and watching home renovation shows. 
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