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5 Wellness Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants In Your Room

Whether you’re moving into a dorm or new apartment, chances are you’ve been scouring Pinterest for room decor inspiration. And while those cute candles and posters are sure to liven up your living space, there’s another decoration that’s as cute as they are beneficial: indoor plants.

Indoor plants have been on-trend in the design space for years. And, thanks to Gen Z, taking on the role of a “plant parent” has become more popular than ever. On TikTok, #planttok has more than 3 billion views—showcasing care tips, the different types of plants you can buy, and various design ideas involving our little green friends.

But plants aren’t just around for the aesthetic. Having indoor plants in your room can actually benefit you in terms of wellness. Whether it’s keeping you busy in your off moments or increasing your mood, the benefits of indoor plants are sure to give anyone the itch for a green thumb/


One of the best things you can do when you’re feeling down is take a bit of time to be with nature. In a 2019 study by Scientific Reports, it was found that spending at least 120 minutes a week around nature can positively impact your health and mental wellbeing. However, with busy schedules and little free time in the day, finding the space to take a walk and smell the roses can seem impossible. So, why not bring elements of the outdoors, indoors?

By bringing houseplants into your space, you’ll be exposing yourself to more greenery throughout the day—especially if you’re a part of the work-from-home lifestyle. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that decorating your home (or office) with indoor plants can make you feel more at peace in your environment. By taking part in the indoor planting process, the stress response in participants was lowered. Additionally, it was found that engaging with plants after a stressful task (like work) reduced stress levels and resulted in a feeling of comfort.

Plus, it always makes you feel happy to look at pretty things, right?

2. Houseplants increase productivity

Not only can indoor plants boost your mood, but they can also make you feel more productive in your day-to-day life. A study conducted in the UK and the Netherlands concurred that, by adding plants to office spaces, there was a 15% increase in general productivity. In the day and age of working remote, bringing some greenery into your room, living space, office, or anywhere in your home can make you feel more inclined to work. Not to mention, it may make you feel more relaxed doing so.

So, add a cute little succulent to your desk, or a potted indoor plant in the sparse corner of your room. It might just make your work day a little more bearable.

3. Indoor plants are great for air quality

Feeling stuffy sucks, especially in your room. Stale, musty air has a way of making you feel absolutely terrible. After all, air pollution isn’t just outdoors—it can occur in your home as well! That’s why incorporating houseplants into your decor can aid in improving the air quality in your home.

A 2021 study found that houseplants can decrease indoor air pollution, as well as being able to kill bacteria in the air. Not only does this make the air you breathe much, much healthier, but it also ensures a healthier immune system. Plants like the popular “snake plant” have been shown to decrease levels of formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, and other common toxins from the air in your home—according to NASA. Cheaper than an air-purifier, plants can act as a natural air cleanser. And a cute one at that.

4. Taking Care of plants helps you practice responsibility

Remember that childhood pet? Think of taking care of a plant similar to that of your childhood goldfish, just on a bit of a lower scale.

As sad as it is, plants die if they aren’t taken care of correctly. And even if you’ve filled your entire room with chic greenery, there’s still a chance that your carefully curated aesthetic will wilt if you don’t take care of it. By bringing indoor plants into your space, you’ll be practicing responsibility. Plants are living things, and taking proper care of them can provide you with the tools to take care of other living things down the line: like a full garden, a pet, or even a family. Being diligent with your plant care can seem daunting but, luckily, there are a ton of plants out there that are low-maintenance and easy to take care of. Although, I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic plant parent, bestie.


Finally, by having plants in your room, you might just be improving your mental health without even realizing it. In a 2019 study published by the Journal of Environmental Horticulture, it was found that those who tend to spend more time around greenery have a higher pattern of happiness. This is due to the presence of Mycobacterium vaccae (found in plant soil), which has been shown to trigger the release of serotonin, resulting in a boosted and more positive mood. For those who may struggle with seasonal affective disorder, or tend to feel a bit blue from being stuck in the house, plants can be an unintentional mood-booster.

So, while you’re planning your dorm decor or your newest apartment setup, consider investing in some indoor plants to incorporate into your space. Not only will this result in an absolutely adorable space, but it can also help you live a healthier lifestyle without even knowing it. Let’s go (green), girls!

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