I Tried the 'High & Low' Mixing Style Tip & It Literally Changed the Way I Get Dressed

You know those super stylish people who always look perfectly put together? The ones whose outfits always have that unmistakable cool factor that have you thinking, how did they think to put that together? Good news: that fashionista can be you. Here’s where the rules of high and low mixing come in.

Mixing highs and lows is most associated with celebrity stylists and designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. They were among the first to recognize the effortless cool look of a casual piece juxtaposed against something fancier. Today, mixing highs and lows is a skill mastered by fashionistas everywhere. But how do you incorporate the style into your own wardrobe? Below, we’ve outlined a guide for you to start mixing like a pro:

What is a low?



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A ‘low’ is a more casual, low-key piece. Think of an army jacket, distressed jeans, a white t-shirt, sneakers, or a leather jacket. These pieces ground your highs for everyday wear and bring in the “I didn’t try too hard” vibe we’re all going for.

What is a high?



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Incorporating ‘highs’ into your outfit is a chance for you to show off special pieces that speak to your personal style. It could be anything from a sequined top to statement shoes to a lace skirt. By pairing these special items with lows, they don’t have to be saved for a special occasion. In my opinion, being alive every day is a special occasion and we should all dress the part.

How do I pull it off?



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The best part about the highs and lows tip is that it is so easy to recreate with items you already have. Spend an afternoon digging through your closet and trying mixing your own highs and lows until you find a combination you love. From ripped jeans paired with statement shoes to a floral dress and Converse, the possibilities are endless!

Fashion is meant to be fun. There are no rules when it comes to personal style so why not wear that sparkly gold dress with sneakers on a Monday?

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