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Let\'s Talk About Nipples
Adebusola Abujade / Her Campus Media

I Got My Nipples Pierced & Asked ALL The Questions So You Don’t Have To

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s almost impossible to deny the popularity of the latest piercing trend: nipples. From Kendall, Kylie and Bella to everyone’s favorite style and beauty icon bad gal RiRi, nipple piercings have been — and still are — having a moment.

Decorating your boobs is nothing new, but they’ve become increasingly popular in the last few years. Whether you’re looking to be rebellious, looking to add a little more pleasure to your sexual experiences, or simply like the way it looks, there are many reasons that women (and, well everyone) get nipple piercings, 

I’m a double Taurus, Scorpio rising (for all of the astrologically challenged, this basically means I’m stubborn AF) so when I decided I was going to get my nipples pierced, there was no turning back. And of course, living in Los Angeles, I had to go to the best — celeb piercer (Beyoncé!!!) and resident badass Brian Keith Thompson of Body Electric.  


For someone with quite a few tattoos, I’m not gonna lie — I was absolutely terrified the night before (and going into a 3-hour Reddit hole didn’t help). What would it feel like? Would the first hurt more than the second? What if I fainted — I’ve been known to pass out while getting my blood drawn. What if they don’t look good? I don’t have small, super perky boobs à la Chloë Grace Moretz. These thoughts and many more filled my mind right up until I walked into Body Electric.


Brian immediately made me feel at ease, and the adrenaline and excitement kicked in. The piercings were over before I knew it, and yes, obviously it hurt for the few fleeting moments that I was actually being pierced. I’ve only had them for a few days but I already love them!


If I’ve convinced you to take the plunge or if you’re just curious, read on for answers to all of the questions you’ve ever had but never asked.

I’m set on a piercing. Now what?

Do your damn research. “Always start online. Look for a website,” Thompson says. “If the studio doesn’t have a website or if they’re on social media only, that’s a little bit of a red flag.” You should also check out the different piercers to find one that’s doing what you like.

Yelp can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Definitely read the reviews, but don’t let them be your only determining factor when choosing a studio. Thompson notes that sometimes the client-piercer vibe just isn’t there, and that can lead to bad reviews. Just like a bad Tinder date, “not every personality is going to mesh.”

Make sure you check out the studio.

Words to live by when it comes to piercings: “If the floor’s dirty, assume everything is dirty.”

And go with your gut.

“If you’re getting a good vibe, then go for it. If you have that little voice that tells you to fucking run, listen to that voice.”

What kind of metal should I get?

Thompson says to get pierced with titanium or gold only. Titanium is great for babes on a budget since it’s hypoallergenic.

What about the healing process?

This was the biggest shock to me — the healing process usually takes an average of 6 months, but can take up to a year! Your commitment to the aftercare process has a huge impact. “‘I’m special — I heal faster than everyone else’ — that’s where the problems happen,” Thompson says. No picking and no playing for the first few months. Be prepared to clean your piercings twice a day with baby soap, and stay far away from loofahs, that new mesh crop top, and anything else that may get caught on the jewelry.

The biggest nipple piercing myth

…that getting your nipples pierced decreases or increases nipple sensitivity. “It does neither. It depends on manifest destiny. If you want it to and you believe it does, then it probably will!” Manifesting. A man after my own heart.

Body Electric is a passionate provider of specialized tattoo designs and piercing services with veteran artists who possess over 100 years of combined experience. For more information on Brian and Body Electric Tattoo, please visit bodyelectrictattoo.com.

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