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I Channeled the Kardashians & Wore a Waist Trainer for a Week

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We’ve all seen the photos on Instagram of the Kardashian/Jenner clan looking amazing post workout—and yes, there’s a secret behind it. They’re usually wearing a frightening contraption called a waist trainer. Ever since they began endorsing them they have been popping up everywhere and I knew I had to give it a go.

Day 1: 2 hours of wear

The waist trainer arrives!! I was so excited to wear it and the first step was to attempt to get it on… key word here being attempt.

Oh my god was this difficult. I literally felt like a sausage being unsuccessfully stuffed into its casing. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get the stupid thing on, but after a few tries I was able to fasten all the closures up, and honestly, I felt like crap. This thing HURT. It was uncomfortable and I hated it instantly, but if Khloe could do it then so could I, so I stuck it out for a few hours. 

I’ve heard you’re supposed to start off waist training slowly and start with two hours a day, so that’s what I did. At the end of that two hours, I was ecstatic to take the trainer off and was disgusted at how gross and sweaty my tank top underneath was. By the end of day one, I was already dreading day two of this experiment.

Day 2: 8 hours of wear

I woke up knowing that I had to put the trainer on right away because I knew I didn’t want to put it on after a meal… can you imagine how much of a disaster that would be?!

It was still difficult to get on, but after lying down on my bed and sucking in as hard as I could, I managed to get it done. Not the easiest or most attractive thing in the world, but hey, it worked. Today I decided I was going to wear it for the full 8 hours because I wasn’t going through all of this just to take it off after a measly two hours.

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I wore the trainer all day including to class, which provided some wardrobe issues. I didn’t want my whole class to see that I was trying to be a Kardashian, so I wore it under a giant hoodie to hide the fact I had it on. I must say that it was incredibly uncomfortable to drive in, but it is pretty ideal for sitting in class as it helped immensely with my posture! When I took the trainer off my stomach kind of hurt but I took a little nap and was comfortable again when I woke up.

Day 3: 8 hours of wear

The trainer went on without too much of a fight! It still wasn’t the easiest thing in the world but it was so much easier than the previous two days!

I wore it around the house for a few hours and then again to class, hiding it under another hoodie. I was more comfortable in it today and was able to drive in it without being outrageously uncomfortable and even managed to take a nap it in. There was some discomfort throughout the day but nothing like the first day and once again, I did manage to wear the trainer for the full eight hours.

Day 4: 8 hours of wear

Since my job involves constant walking around, lifting and bending over I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the waist trainer during a shift so I decided to wear it once I was done with work for the day.

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Once again, it was kind of a pain to get the thing on but once it was on, I ended up not really minding it. I slept for about two hours while wearing the trainer and the rest of the time I was sitting down, working on homework. I still can’t get over how good my posture is when I’m wearing it!

Day 5: 8 hours of wear

Since I didn’t have much going on today I figured I would wear the waist trainer around the house again while I work on assignments and watch TV before getting ready to go out for the night. I have quickly discovered the trainer is so not meant for lounging and being comfy on the couch which is annoying for when I just want to scrunch up and watch TV, but it does work for laying down flat which is fine with me because #LazyGirlProblems.

Day 6: 6 hours of wear

The trainer was actually easy to get on today! I literally had the urge to scream “Hallelujah!” when I was able to snap it up with ease because I was just not down for another waist trainer struggle. I wore the trainer under a cute sweater with jeans while I ran errands and got ready for a night out with my girlfriends.

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Day 7: 0 hours of wear

I have to be honest, I didn’t wear my trainer today because my hangover got the best of me and I could not imagine being hungover while wearing it. As I looked over at it on my bed I knew Kim or Khloe would muster up the energy to get it on, but I couldn’t be bothered. Hey, I don’t have staff to help squeeze me into it! So instead, I laid in bed as comfy as could be and told myself I would try again on Monday!

Even though I slacked off on Day 7, after a week I did notice a difference in the size of my waist.

Although the first few days were rough, I’m going to continue to use my trainer and hope the results keep up. Since I’m not comfortable wearing it under most outfits but am okay with sleeping in it I’m going to try to get my training in at night so I don’t have to stress about it during the day and I’m guaranteed at least 6 to 7 hours of training. Plus, I won’t lie—the idea of working towards a smaller waist when I sleep is pretty ideal.

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