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The official start of the winter season is just around the corner, and for college fashionistas, these cold weather months aren’t always our favorite time of year to show off our best looks. But ladies, we cannot underestimate the power of the scarf. They are all around us, begging to be worn in a crazy variety of ways. With the different colors, shapes and sizes, the winter scarf is more versatile than we think. Her Campus spoke with Jessika Pavlic, the owner of the trendy fashion boutique Holiday, located at 53 Charles Street in Boston, about six fashionable ways to style the winter scarf.

The Classic Knot

The pink soft Holiday scarf is perfect for sporting the classic knot. This is a casual approach to making a sweater go from simple to chic. How-To: Fold the scarf in half and drape it around your neck. Then take the bottom ends and place them through the loop created at the other end and pull until the scarf is comfortable around your neck.

The Daytime Wrap

The wrap, another casual look, gives the impression of sophistication. Not only is it super comfortable, but it flatters all body types. Every girl has those mornings when they can’t seem to choose a shirt to wear for the day. This is when wraps can save the day! How-To: Just like a blanket, wrap the entire scarf around your body starting from the back as if you are ready to watch a good movie with a bowl of popcorn. Then continue to bring one end over your shoulder to secure the look.

The Nighttime Wrap

With the versatility of a scarf, you can go from day-wear to night-wear with just one pin! This blue Holiday ruffle wrap is draped around the torso, and pinned at the shoulder. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the pin; big jewels are in! How-To: Perform the same steps as with the daytime wrap, but instead use a pretty pin to hold the wrap together at the shoulder.

The Neck Warmer

For the below freezing weather these next couple months, double your scarf around your neck for extra warmth. It creates a fierce, confident, (and toasty!) winter look. How-To: Place the middle of the scarf behind your neck so both ends drape over your shoulders in the front. Then take one end and wrap it around your neck twice, then even out the bottom ends, and place one falling down your back, and the other down the front.

The Silk Scarf Shirt

With the holidays coming up, the silk scarf can be used multiple ways to create an elegant holiday look. This look is also effortless for hot summer days. How-To: Create a low back shirt by folding a silk scarf into a triangle, and looping your favorite necklace through the top corner. Put on the necklace and tie the bottom corners behind your waist to create a beautiful top.

The Silk Scarf Sash

The same silk scarf can be used as a belt to flatter a girl’s waist, or it can be used as a hair accessory for your ponytail or as a headband! How-To: Simply wrap the scarf once around your waist, preferably with a blouse, and tie a knot at the hip. For your hair, wrap the scarf around your pony tail twice to hide the elastic, and tie the ends together once, allowing them to fall down your back. As for the headband, just place the center of the scarf on the crown of your head, and tie the ends together at the base of your neck. The headband looks great with your hair down or up!

For more information on Holiday Boutique scarves, call 617.973.9730 or email shop@holidayboutique.net and make sure to visit www.holidayboutique.net

Source: Jessika Pavlic, owner of Holiday Boutique 617.973.9730

Victoria Guerrera, 2011, from Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is a junior Print and Multimedia Journalism major at Emerson College in Boston. Victoria started out as a Features Writer for em magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine at Emerson College, then became the Features Editor her sophomore year, and is now a Co-Editor-in-Chief of em magazine. Victoria has been a summer editorial intern for Us Weekly Magazine and Hartford Magazine. She enjoys shopping, playing volleyball, Andy Warhol, celebrity news, watching Project Runway marathons, and reading tons of magazines. After college, Victoria plans to pursue a wonderful career as a magazine journalist.
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