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Make Your Dorm Room Cozier With These 9 Tips

Ready for chunky sweaters and sipping hot cocoa by the fire? The holidays are here, which means it’s time to get cozy with layers, hot drinks, and being with the people that warm your heart. But, for me, one of the best parts of the season is decorating — especially in a way that makes my space feel cozy and look super cute. And while you may be working with limited space in the dorms, that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the cozy space of your dreams!

Regardless of where you’re going to be celebrating winter break, or if you’re just looking to bring some holiday cheer to your room, you deserve the holiday aesthetic this year! If you’re spending the holidays in your dorm, apartment, or room, there are plenty of simple, cheap, and fun ways to make your space feel cozy during the holidays. 

Decorate With neutral colors.

Though hot pink and neon orange are amazing colors, they do not inspire comfort in a room — especially during the winter months. If you want your dorm room to look the part for the holidays, you will have to go for natural, light colors. Tones such as mustard yellow, blue, brown, and cream are good options for a soothing room. So, make sure your blankets, pillows, and other fabrics you choose to decorate with are within these colors. 

Bring on the knit.

To make a room feel cozy you will need to make it feel comfortable. Blankets are your besties to achieve this look — especially if they are furry, wool, or made of any chunky fabric. Have a blanket drop at the back of a chair or have one dangling at the foot of your bed for that cozy vibe. Plus, the more blankets you have in your room, the more blankets you have to cozy up with once the dorm heater breaks. It’s a win on all fronts!

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Amazon, $22

Rugs, Rugs, and More Rugs.

Rugs also contribute to making a room feel warm and cozy. Again, go for thick, furry, or chunky fabrics. And, for an extra cozy look, don’t just limit yourself to one rug! Have one next to your bed, another in front of the vanity, and even one more next to your desk. You’ll feel warmer, and cozier, in no time. 

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Set The mood (lighting).

Nothing speaks “cozy” like dim lights and mood lighting. My personal favorite kind? Fairy lights! They look absolutely divine, especially when you dangle them above your bed. If you’re not a fairy light fan, you can get this look with candles (artificial ones work perfectly, too), salt lamps, or any kind of “warm” lighting.  

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Add Some woodsy decor.

Wood makes the room feel like you’re living inside of a cottage core aesthetic Pinterest board. To achieve this vibe,  you don’t have to go crazy buying wood furniture: With just some simple decor like frames, rattan accessories, and boxes, you can achieve this winter cabin look. 

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Get Comfy with pillows.

You are going to want, like, four pillows minimum on your bed: one in a chair, another one resting on the rug… everywhere. Bonus if you lay small decorative pillows around your room as seating, too. 

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Target, $25

Hang some curtains.

Curtains are another trick that can make a room look cozier, and they can also help you feel sheltered from the cold. You can go for thick curtains for extra warmth, but soft, willowy curtains do the trick as well. 

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Amazon, $10

Use your books as decoration.

When you scroll down for cozy room inspo, you will always notice one subtle detail: books (and sometimes a laptop, TBH). This is so intended. Having books on shelves or on your bedside table can really invoke that tranquil, cozy vibe. And, if you top them off with some candles and rattan accessories… *chef kiss.* 

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Embrace the holiday szn!

Purchase a little Christmas tree, get a holiday-inspired blanket, buy a pine-scented candle… anything that reminds you that the holidays are finally here!

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