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Here’s How To Dress For Your Corporate Job, But With A Trendy Twist

There are a lot of unwritten rules that go into working a corporate job: be punctual almost to a fault, say good morning or good night if someone catches the same elevator as you, be respectful to people, network, and do it all while dressing the corporate baddie you are (or supposed to be).

The one that stood out the most to me, though, is that it looks surprisingly similar to what we’ve already seen a hundred times on screen. I admit that I am a person who is partial to romanticizing life, but I swear that on some coffee breaks I just catch myself thinking, this is just like the movies

I’ll also confess that a lot of that stems from my I’m-a-small-town-girl-working-a-big-girl-job complex, but, if you really look into it, I swear you can catch at least a glimpse of fiction in your office. Coffee everywhere. Co-workers that don’t get along but pretend they do. And, of course, the dreaded corporate fashion.

It’s not like I was under the gaze of Miranda Priestly, but when I started working corporate, I realized that maybe my baggy jeans just weren’t going to cut it anymore. If you’re reading this, then you probably already felt this yourself, or, spoiler alert, might have the inkling that you need a corporate makeover moment in the future. But worry no more: thankfully, FashionTok can come to your rescue. And Her Campus. AKA me. Hi. 

So, in true corporate fashion, get a notepad (or a laptop, you do you) and keep reading for tips on how to dress for your corporate job—and still look cute. 


Office girlies, hear me out: I know you probably heard all about how big companies suck the soul and color out of everything. Yet I’m here to say that… that might be true?

Just kidding, but I can’t stress enough the importance of solid colors in your wardrobe, especially neutrals like white, black and brown. They look good in every skin tone and are essential to building any kind of outfit because you can wear them so interchangeably. 

A basic white shirt goes a long way and even serves as a stage for more fun, staple pieces to shine, like colorful pants or jackets. Besides, if you’re short of time, just put them all together and they’ll probably match. No going wrong with black and white: we all know that’s the timeless, classy combo. 


If there’s anything like an ‘it’ girl in the corporate world, she wears blazers. This is not just me saying it: colorful or black, worn with skirts or trousers—blazers are the thing to have to fit the part.

They go along with everything, can be found in thrift stores for more accessible prices, and—most important than all—are really classy while being comfortable. Even if you don’t want to fully commit to the whole corporate gal part, you can experiment with different textures and patterns that will definitely make your outfit—and your blazer—a lot more fun. 


There’s no need to say that trousers are the workplace staple

They come in a lot of colors and patterns, are surprisingly comfortable, and can be really fitting, from more figure-hugging pieces to loose ones too. I mean, is there anything more iconic than Miranda’s slacks in The Devil Wears Prada? 

Also, they are the basic office attire because—like most things on this list—they match with every top imaginable. Let it be a tight turtleneck, a striped vest, a loose sweater, a plain shirt, or even a blouse. You name it: it. Goes. With. Everything. 

It’ll also be useful if you are trying to go all Serena van der Woodsen or dark academia off of the clock. 

ACCESSORIZE, Accessorize, accessorize

Listen, I get it. Sometimes it might feel like you have to have a whole wardrobe change to blend in nicely into your new professional setting. And, sometimes, we just don’t have the income to do that. It’s okay. My personal trick to feeling fancy on a budget is simple: accessorize the house down.

Earrings, rings, hair claws, and bracelets are must-haves. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even throw a watch into the mix, but the point is—whether it’s real jewelry or just some trinkets (if I’m being honest, that’s my case), the bling can really change a look. 

Although the most popular office-y accessories are pearl necklaces and thick hoop earrings in true Emma Chamberlain and Hailey Bieber fashion, you can really let your personality shine through. Shine, get it? 


According to the profreshional Yaya herself, bags are one of the workwear essentials

I mean, it only makes sense—you need to carry your 9-5 self somewhere. So, invest in a purse that fits all your essentials (which, you’ll find, go way beyond your phone and your wallet), preferably a big one in a neutral palette like black or white so it’ll match every possible outfit option ever.

Also, the bags we are talking about are kind of the tote canvas bags of the professional world. Have that in mind when you pick your workplace bestie—she’ll probably be one of your staples that’ll last a while. 


Let’s give it up to the most underrated garment ever: tights. 

They are something you probably already own and something that will increase your outfit options exponentially, especially on colder days. 

Matching with skirts or shorts (or jorts, you do you), they can give a classier edge to some of your summer clothes and even help build some more comfortable looks using short bottoms, which some offices kind of look down upon. 

Chloe Power is one of the TikTokers that show this power duo by pairing a patterned skirt with black nylon tights underneath. There’s some great inspo for ya. 


Blazers, slacks and everything fancy apart—jeans are the main characters in fashion. 

They are comfortable, versatile, something we’re never going to give up, and, yup, they are welcome in the workplace too. If we’re being honest, it’s probably the item you’ll wear the most. So, if you don’t have some already, invest in a good pair of jeans because they will be a lifelong partner. 

Even if you’re trying to be a little more formal, jeans—especially light-washed, but that’s just me speaking—will always be fancy. Pair it up with neutral colors, pretty jewelry, and a blazer, and you’ll be all good to go. Good luck out there!

Isabella Gemignani

Casper Libero '23

Isabella Gemignani is a National Writer for Her Campus and editor-in-chief of Her Campus Casper Libero. She covers everything culture-related for the national website - and oversees her chapter's content production, which involves editorial, social media, podcast and events verticals and makes up a team of over 100 girls. Beyond Her Campus, Isabella writes for the architecture and design magazine Casa e Jardim, Brazil's oldest magazine currently in the editorial market. With a 70-year-old history, Casa e Jardim is known for its traditional culture, gastronomy and lifestyle curation. When not writing – which is rare –, Isabella can be found reading classic novels and looking for new music releases that remind her of the feeling she had when she listened to AM for the first time.