How Three Pairs of Glasses Seriously Elevated My Style This Season

When it comes to picking out your latest fall fashion accessories, there's one piece you won't want to forget about adding: glasses. Whether they're a prescribed pair (where are all my nearsighted ladies out there?) or a prescription-less pair just for fun (don't worry, your secret is safe with us), glasses and sunglasses can completely add and alter to the mood of your outfit. They can easily take an outfit up a notch and add some ~extra personality~ to a look. 

To get all set with the trendiest glasses for the fall season, I tried out a few pairs from Zenni Optical's newest collaboration with Timo Weiland, filled with the most fun and fashionably unique glasses ever. From getting some work done in the office to enjoying my weekend outside in this *amazing* fall weather, their glasses can seriously up your fashion sense, no matter if it's for work or play. 

Something classic

Don't let the term "classic" fool you — these glasses are definitely fit for the modern day woman who wants to look profesh AF. The round wire frames have been popularized by hip and artsy Instagram influencers alike (but forreal, those influencers make these glasses look so good). I decided to give this trend a try and it's official: I'm now a FULL believer in wire-framed glasses. They are so lightweight and simple, adding a sophisticated touch to any look you're sporting.

These glasses came in the UV+ Blue Blocker lenses, which work to protect your eyes from blue light exposure and UV light. We're exposed to blue light and UV exposure all the time, whether it's from sunlight exposure, artificial light sources, or our laptop and phone screens. Blue light-filtering glasses work to protect this exposure that can cause eye strain and headaches, along with potential permanent eye damage down the road. Especially for those long days of working on my laptop (and then coming home to watch Netflix on my laptop), it's so nice to have a pair of glasses that protect my eyes throughout the entire day. Plus, it doesn't hurt that these glasses keep me looking #cute from day to night. 

Try modern

Next, I tried the Escape frames in Pine. This pair came with prescription lenses (because I have awful vision and have since 2001). It's a super modern look with a fun and colorful twist. I personally loved these — they added something different than just a regular pair of glasses, but like, nothing too crazy. When I first wore these frames, I got SO many compliments, especially about how unique they were. I love that these are super wearable for the office, class, or just running errands throughout the day. Not only are they super cute, but I should note that they are SO comfortable and lightweight. 10/10, would recommend wearing these for whatever your day calls for.

Go bold

Now these are what I call a statement piece. The Breezy frames give such a ~cool girl~ look and add such a stylish touch to any fall outfit. These frames — which can be made with both sunglasses lenses or prescription/UV+ Blue Blocking lenses — are perfect for adding that extra something to your fave outfit. They are guaranteed to give you that Instagram influencer look for any football game day or apple-picking adventure during the fall season. Plus, they're definitely on-trend with their '70s vibe. Overall, these frames, especially with the sunglasses lenses, are my fave new pair that I'll be keeping in my purse all season. 

Check out the full Timo x Zenni collab on the Zenni Optical site!