How to Rock Music Festival Chic

     Most people aren’t sure what to expect at their first music festival. At my first festival, I sat between a shirtless grandpa and a man in a banana suit. But just because these gatherings can be an invasion of the crazies doesn’t mean you can’t rock some killer summer style. Concert attire can be too dressy for the dusty, packed seating areas and camping clothes aren’t always the cutest choice. But the myriad of genres and atmospheres provided by summer music festivals give you an awesome opportunity to dress up and show off. Check out these chic styles for some of the summer's most festive music extravaganzas.

Satchmo Summer Fest
New Orleans, August 2-5

Let some patterns loose at this jazzy, New Orleans’ festival. The colorful atmosphere calls for equally vibrant fabrics and accessories that are as loud as those soulful bands. But, unless you want to melt in the southern summer sun, dress light. Layers will not be your friends as you’re trucking through the heat from band to band. Try a light dress with lots of colors. Pair that with some strappy sandals and a sun hat, and you’ll be good to go.

Chicago, August 3-5

For this Chicago festival, anything goes when it comes to your stylistic choices. The collection of bands from a variety of genres provides an equally wide array of fashion from attendees. Try something airy but comfortable since you’llbe moving around in the sun all day. Ever had a floppy sun hat craving or been dying to try a new skirt style? Now’s your chance! Be adventurous with your outfit choice. Start with a bold dress and add some daring jewelry. Your fresh style will be appreciated at the music festival scene.

Seattle, September 1-3

This Seattle summer festival could be better known as a hipster-fest. These obscure bands welcome young adults who are anything but mainstream. Whip out the skinny jeans and glasses! Try out a braided headband or maybe a pair of cadet boots, a practical choice for the dirty concert arenas. To stay cool, try a crochet top and simple jean shorts. An outfit like that is easy to dress up with fun accessories or stellar jewelry.