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Accessories Can Take Your Look From Ordinary to Model off-Duty Real Quick

In today’s world of fashion, street style has become the new runway. Models, actresses and stars are constantly photographed walking the streets of the cities they live in. Whether they’re going to meet a friend for lunch, are out on a coffee date with their SO, or on their way out of a workout class, the looks are effortless and their style on point. 

The best part about street style is that it’s the most relatable, attainable and achievable for the day-to-day person. The outfits usually encompass staple pieces that are very casual –– yet celebs make it look like the best thing since sliced bread. Their pap photos end up on every style magazine, website and IG account, with fans scrambling to find dupes trying to recreate their effortless looks (guilty). Well, look no further. 

The Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Madison Beer street style icons all have one central thing in common: accessories. These take the most basic of outfits to the next level and allow you to customize a look completely. 

Accessories increase any outfit tenfold by polishing it up and tying it together. Here’s how to take your ordinary look to model off-duty status with an array of simple, yet statement-making accessories. 


Chunky hoops


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When I think of model off-duty style, chunky statement hoops are the first accessory that come to mind. They’re a piece that’s been around for a while, but are in no means going out of style. I could be wearing the most comfy, basic-looking sweat suit, put on a pair of chunky hoops, and instantly feel more confident and put together. Adding them to an outfit, for me, is like taking that first sip of coffee in the morning –– an instant level-up. 

A solid pair of hollow chunky gold hoops are my personal favorite, especially because they make a statement without painfully pulling down on your earlobes. And they come in all metals and sizes based on your preference. 

Chunky hoops can be found just about anywhere now, and for a range of prices depending on your budget. For instance, I found my go-to pair at Kohls for less than $20! Some other highly affordable options are H&M, Etsy and, of course, Amazon. And if you’re looking for some higher quality pieces (still without completely breaking the bank) Adina’s Jewels and Mejuri are great online options. 

Chunky necklaces


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Staying on the same wavelength, chunky necklaces are a great statement addition to any basic streetwear. They’re eye-catching among your most neutral solid palette outfits, and give off the vibe that you got your ish together. 

Chunky necklaces can range from a simple statement chain to ones with pendants/charms. Here are some of my favorites looks, with specific pieces linked (all can be found on Amazon or Etsy for affordable prices): 

The statement chain

Curb link chain

Lock pendant

And when you really want to do it up, remembering layering is your best friend. 



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Stacking rings adds another extra pop that elevates your look to an off-runway style. You can go as statement or as minimal as you feel when it comes to hand jewelry. You can stack a bunch of dainty rings, stack chunky rings, wear just a few statement rings, whatever you’re feeling. 

Take some inspiration from Pinterest and experiment with different combinations, especially if wearing rings is newer territory for you (like it is for me). 

Pura vida is a great option for inexpensive rings and Amazon also has great dupes of famous designer rings. 


An accessory I’ve talked about in the past that’s always with you: your hair. This can be a neglected accessory, but it really changes the game and supplements any outfit. I like to look at it as the finishing touch. However, even I’m guilty of getting lazy when it comes to my hair, falling into my comfort zone of wearing it the same way all the time.

Lately, though, I’ve really been trying to use it to my advantage –– as an addition to my look. But for all my lazy gals out there when it comes to hair, I promise these styles are achievable within seconds and are popping up everywhere right now in models’ street style. 

The ‘90s claw clip


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Hair clips are no longer a thing of the past (and by past, I mean ‘90s and early 2000s). They’re  back and I have fully adopted them into my life. They truly change everything and are somehow very polished looking, yet extremely casual. Not to mention it takes all of about 3 seconds to do. 

Hair scarves


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Silk hair scarves have also been popping up everywhere recently. They’re a trend I have yet to try out, but I’m really fascinated and LOVE how they look. There are so many different ways to style them and there are affordable yet stunning packs on Amazon, both solid-colored and patterned

They really spice up your whole look (and also double as tops)!

Outfit additions

Now here’s a quick rundown of some easy, running out the door pieces to add to any model off-duty outfit. You can go as simplistic or heavy-handed as you’re feeling. Take this as your vision board for quick out-the-door outfit accessories:



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For any model off-duty style, it’s all about basic pieces and being intentional with how you pair them together to convey a complete look. It’s about picking clear focal points in your outfit that you want to highlight, and letting the rest be simple. 

Accessories are the perfect way to highlight and play up a look while allowing the outfit itself to be basic, attainable and, most importantly, comfortable. For instance, if you’re sporting an all black outfit, slick bag your hair and add some chunky hoops and a mini pop-of-color or patterned shoulder bag to instantly level it up. Wearing basic jeans and a tank? Add a cropped cardigan tied over your shoulders and throw your hair in a claw clip. 

These looks are so easy to achieve when you break it all down. Now, go find some of your favorite street style looks and have fun recreating them! Take your look from out of bed to on streets and feel like an style icon while doing it. 

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