The Hottest Outfits According to Guys and Girls

Last Sunday, I found myself outside of a café on campus with a few of my friends. As I enjoyed my delicious breakfast, I listened as my friends critiqued each girl that passed us on the street.
Oh, and I should’ve mentioned, these friends were all single college guys. Read: the most opinionated and uncensored species there is.
I understand that certain outfits aren’t for everyone, but it seems that guys still haven’t realized that when we get dressed in the morning they aren’t the only ones we’re trying to garner attention from. Admit it: when you see a girl in an outfit worthy of a magazine spread, you take a second glance.
It’s ok, we all do it, I promise.
So as girl after girl walked by our table Sunday morning, we all looked. I mentally catalogued how she paired dark-wash skinny jeans with a faux fur vest while the guys worked to see how many Lion King references they could come up with in thirty seconds.
Leather jacket? Biker. Leather leggings? Lady Gaga. Plaid? Lumberjack. Between the four of them, any outfit that wasn’t basic-jeans-and-a-tee was fair game. Now as a fashion writer, a magazine addict and a shopaholic, I want to be able to have fun with my clothing without being subject to these remarks. Is that too much too ask?
Except for schools in Manhattan, where you could walk down the street with sky-high purple platforms and a bathing suit without a second look (seriously, I’ve seen it), college campuses kind of suck. Toning down your inner fashionista during the day isn’t any fun, but factoring in the opinions of the male species when getting dressed for a night out is even worse. Skin-tight dress? You’re golden. Anything that doesn’t show more skin than it covers and you better have really great hair that night.
So, I decided that I needed to conduct my own study of this species, determined to find the balance between the style choices of Kate Moss and J. Woww.
Situation #1: For class

Girls say:
“All three outfits are cute, but when I roll out of bed for my 8 a.m. class there’s no way I’m putting together that first outfit. I want to be comfortable in class, leggings are pretty much my go-to.” – Heather, UConn

Guys say:
“Leggings and a flannel shirt? It’s like two jokes in one. And what’s up with those glasses? The top and skirt are a lot better, she’d definitely get my attention.” – Alex, Northeastern University
“In the outfit on the right, the plaid shirt doesn’t really flatter her at all. Plaid and flannel also seem a little too manly for girls to wear sometimes.” – Kyle, URI
I disagree about the ‘Guys’ look – it’s outfits like that that keep me from paying attention in class! I like to see a little bit of skin, but that is too much for classes I think.” – Matt, NYU
Finding the balance: I know leggings are comfortable, versatile and a pretty popular trend across college campuses, but they’re still a piece that guys still can’t wrap their heads around. The center outfit lets you stay comfy and covered up while still keeping that cute, girly factor. An easy thing to explain this balance is that boys want to see skin (yes, it’s that simple).  Stick to a long-sleeved shirt and showing a little leg, or a tank and long pants. For the winter months ahead invest in a cute, figure-flattering coat that will still keep you nice and warm on the walk to class!