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Deck The Halls & Your Dorm Room With These Holiday Decorations

Now that the holidays are around the corner, the winter season is in full swing filled with holiday music on the radio, holiday movies airing on television, and decorations to accessorize popping up in stores everywhere. You might not think of your college dorm room as the coziest place, but thanks to places like the TikTok shop and Amazon, many college students are finding affordable ways to decorate their home away from home. There are some really cheap dorm room holiday decorations you can buy if you want to join in on the fun.

Many people will stick to buying holiday candles and advent calendars as gifts, but these can also be great to use for your own holiday dorm decor, or you can even get creative with multi-use items like wrapping paper. Especially with the semester coming to an end and the onset of finals season, putting up bright and colorful dorm decor might keep you in a cheerful mood as you’re studying (or procrastinating…). Check out these 20 great decor options for your dorm this holiday season.

Wrapping paper

Decorate your dorm room’s door with wrapping paper ($7) to get into the holiday spirit! You can get wrapping paper in holiday colors like green, red, blue, and white, or patterned with other holiday festivities like Santa Claus, Christmas trees, or snowflakes.


Fill your dorm with holiday cheer by hanging ornaments in any color ($11) on a mini tree, your bulletin board, or even off of your bedposts.

Tree-shaped lights

Even though a full Christmas tree wouldn’t realistically fit in your room, you can get creative and hang up lights that would go on a tree ($17) to your wall to add some color to your dorm.

Mini Tree

If you can’t have a big tree, why not get a mini tree or three ($12)? These are perfect to fit in your dorm and  you can either decorate them with lights and ornaments to spread the holiday cheer, or keep them as-is for a sleeker, classier holiday look.

Holiday posters

Posters are a dorm room staple, so hang up some Christmas or holiday-themed posters ($13) to make your dorm feel like you’re living in a winter wonderland.

Holiday pillows

Having some holiday-themed pillows ($16) up on your bed can show off your joy for the season, but they’re also multifunctional since they’ll make your bed extra cozy after long nights of studying for finals.

“happy Holidays” banner

No matter where you put this up — in your room, in the hallway of your suite, or on your front door for your neighbors to see — a “happy holidays” banner ($15) is a nice way to spread cheer that can go right up your wall.

White string lights

Let’s be honest, string lights are such a dorm decor staple that you might already have these. But if not, fill your dorm with warm white string lights ($12) to make it bright and filled with holiday cheer.

Star-shaped curtain lights

Curtain lights, like these star-shaped ones ($21), are another great way to get into the holiday spirit and fill your dorm with lots of light.

 Battery-operated holiday candles

Your RA can breathe a sigh of relief if you use these. You may not be able to have an open flame in your dorm for safety reasons, but battery-operated candles ($19) can still make a space feel warm and cozy, especially if they’re decorated with holiday themes.

Holiday window stickers

Don’t have any decorations on your windows? Just put on some removable window stickers ($8) that won’t leave a mark when you have to take them off, which will fill your windows with holiday cheer!

Glitter snowflakes

Fill your windows and wall with lots and lots of snowflakes ($9) to celebrate being in a winter wonderland, even if you don’t go to school in a snowy place. These could also be easy to DIY, if you’re feeling crafty.


No fireplace? No problem. Hang stockings ($9) up right at the back of the door for you and all your roommates, which you can fill with holiday candy, Secret Santa gifts, and more.

Throw blankets

Cozy up in a holiday-themed blanket ($17) to stay comfortable whether you’re studying, drinking hot chocolate, or taking a quick nap.

Holiday-themed tablecloth

Whether you use it on the communal kitchen table or over your desk, a holiday-themed tablecloth ($13) is perfect for a nice festive decoration.


Whether you go for little elves, polar bears, or something else, holiday-themed plushies ($17) can be stored around your bed, desk, and room for the holiday season.


A wreath ($10) can be hung right outside on your room’s door, as an essential part of your holiday decorations.

Multicolor pennant banners

For even more wall decor, you can put up a multicolor pennant banner ($15) in red and green or your favorite holiday color combo.

Mini gingerbread house

A mini gingerbread house prop ($16) is perfect for a holiday decoration! This can be a sweet reminder that fits right on your desk, and you won’t even have to bust out any kitchen tools to have it.

Hanging advent Calendar

Advent calendars ($18) are perfect to fit in chocolates or other little gifts inside so you have a way to get excited for the holidays through the slog of finals season, and are a must for holiday decor!

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