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Here’s How You Should Do Your Nails for Halloween, According to Pinterest

In college, Halloween is a MAJOR affair; it involves several outfit changes over a series of many days, full planning committees (if you’re throwing your own party) and a carefully planned schedule, so you can make appearances in all the right places. This means every detail needs to be on point—include your mani. We’ve found the most Pinteresting nail art ideas—check them out below!

1. Can it be Halloween right meow?

If scary isn’t your thing, opt for this adorable kitty mani in colors other than the black-and-orange looks every other girl will be sporting.

2. The gang’s all here

No matter what your costume, this nail art look is sure to be fitting; featuring a whole cast of characters, there’s a nail for every outfit change you make on Halloween weekend.

3. Glitter everything

Are you the type to add a touch of glam to everything? This is the look for you—it’s festive with an added flair.

4. True blood

This mani is truly terrifying—it’s for the collegiettes who love a good scare on Halloween. The matte black brings out the gloss in that deep red, making it look more realistic than ever.

5. Bare bones

Are you the artsy one in your friend group? Give this nail art look a shot—you might find that it’s easier than it looks… and it looks super impressive.

6. Take a bite out of this

Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear crazy-long nails; but get even more creative with the look by creating vampire teeth on your fingers!

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