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Here’s How Laverne Cox Is Smashing First Date Beauty Norms

Laverne Cox is not here for your societal pressure. She became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy Award, and now she’s smashing beauty norms by rocking her gorgeous, makeup-free face on first dates. That’s right. Makeup-free on the first date.

In her interview with Access Hollywood, the actress and LGBTQ+ advocate explained why she doesn’t get all dolled up right away. “I show up as Laverne,” she said. “I don’t glam up.” However, Laverne admits that she used to wear makeup on her dates when she was younger. “I used to try to make them like me,” she said. “Now, [it’s] do I like you?” She explains that she wants to know if her date is into the “real authentic Laverne, stripped way down.”

It’s no shock that the actress is confident sans-makeup on her dates. After all, she has previously shared her bare-faced selfie on Instagram with her signature hashtag #TransIsBeautiful.


Fresh out of the shower. #washfacenobase #nomakeup #TransIsBeautiful

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If Laverne’s beauty positivity wasn’t enough to inspire and excite, she also revealed in the same interview that she will be collaborating with Beyoncé on a new project. We don’t know what the two queens will collaborate on, but we’re keeping up with Laverne on  Instagram until we can find out.

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