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12 Halloween Costumes You Can Create From Pieces You Already Have

News flash: Halloween is just right around the corner — it’s time to look through Pinterest again and revisit past pins of Halloween costumes. I’ll admit I’ve tried to plan a costume ahead of time, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that well. So, what happens? I end up putting together an easy, effortless ensemble at the very last minute.

Okay, if you also don’t want to spend too much or any at all, I’ve got a solution for you: look through your closet for pieces you can use! As someone who never fails to create a look by just using pieces I already have, I highly recommend this style trick for Halloween. Forget the extensive planning and unnecessary stress! Check out these fun and creative costumes:


Got some pieces with animal print on it? Perfect! Dressing up as a cavegirl just got easier for you! Mix and match your animal print items to create the ensemble. To complete the look: messy hair!

Wednesday Addams

A white button-up shirt and LBD are closet staples. Wednesday Addams’s look won’t be too hard then, right? Of course not! Layer the collared shirt under the dress, braid your hair and do darker makeup. 

Arthur Read meme

Yes, I’m all for dressing up as a meme! Half of this costume is going to involve getting crafty, but it’s definitely worth the slight work. Make the ears and a cutout to imitate the format of a social media post. C’mon, this is really good.

Sandy Olsson

TBH, Sandy Olsson’s iconic all-black outfit is literally something a college girl would wear on a night out. I mean, black off-the-shoulder crop top and a pair of black skinny pants? And now, to achieve Sandy’s aesthetic, thrown on a leather jacket and heels. Of course, you can’t forget the cute hairdo. 

Fake news

Got some old newspapers just laying around? You can turn them into a cute skirt! Then, grab a white t-shirt and put “FAKE” on it. You’re dressed as “fale news!”

Kelly Kapowski

Remember the t-shirts with a picture of Kelly Kapowski? And, do you also remember the outfit she wore? You’ve definitely got a white bralette (strapless crop top would also work) and a pair of mom jeans — maybe minus the black suspenders. 

Number 3

A cozy and comfy costume? Sign me up! Here’s all you need to be Number 3: green sweater and socks and black leggings and Converse. 

Kim Possible

Don’t be an average girl! All you need is a black long-sleeve top and a pair of olive green pants with some combat boots. 

I’m a mouse, duh!

Karen Smith really dropped the most iconic line, like, EVER! And, you know it’s pretty easy to achieve her “I’m a mouse duh!’ look? Your base is a little black dress and then, you just have to make (or buy, depends on how much time you got) some mouse ears.

Young Ellie Fredricksen

Back in high school, I decided to dress up as young Ellie at the very last minute! The costume was easily achievable — short-sleeve button-up, denim overalls, and a crafted “Our Adventure Book.” If I could rock, I know you so can too!

Pre-makeover Mia Thermopolis

Some of us might still have their old school uniforms tucked away in their closet. So, why not recreate pre-makeover Mia Thermopolis? Don’t forget her chunky Doc Martens!

Annie and Hallie

Okay, you and your BFF can pull this off! Hallie rocked a denim on denim ensemble with a camp shirt, while Annie sophisticatedly strutted in khaki shorts. Of course, you got to have the parents’ wedding picture ripped in half!

Hey, Halloween costumes don’t have to break your bank! Just think that the money you’re saving with DIY can go towards your daily coffee allowance. 

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